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Quality control: San Daniele chooses Sacmi Imola

Nir Total Transmittance: 1st prototype to be used for 18 months by Consortium’s ham producers

Protein content, salt content, moisture content and maturation. In other words all the parameters that make a fine ham, controlled thanks to a unique Sacmi-designed system that tests the internal quality of the produce in a non-destructive manner. Called Nir Total Transmittance, as of today it will be providing the entire ham production line at San Daniele - which has managed to get hold of the first prototype - with substantial added value.

Installed in the San Daniele Agroindustrial Park (Asdi), the Nir Total Trasmittance NCS006A will be used to monitor and optimise the maturing and seasoning process. With its capacity to “read” the interior of the produce with the aid of infrared rays, this non-destructive Sacmi system will really be making a difference.

This just-launched experiment will continue for the next 18 months, and involve various ham producers from the San Daniele Consortium, allowing them to increase the number of tested hams considerably. This will also be an important test for Sacmi Imola, a preliminary to the subsequent large-scale commercialisation of a new, innovative Nir series that can really make a difference in the agro-industrial sector, as the keen interest received by Sacmi from outside Friuli clearly shows.


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