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SACMI, a technological partner of the European iQonic project

Launched in October, the project is financed by the Horizon 2020 programme. The goal? The development of a new "zero defects" IoT platform in the field of optoelectronic devices


The development, design and assembly of new optoelectronic components for applications in the electronic consumer goods, solar energy, communications, LED and industrial laser fields. This is the goal of the iQonic (Innovative strategies sensing and process Chains for increased Quality, reconfigurability and recyclability of Manufacturing Optoelectronics) project, co-financed by the Horizon 2020 Programme, which has SACMI as a technological partner alongside 17 other companies, universities and research bodies.

The backdrop to the project is the ongoing revolution in the industrial and consumer goods sectors, being driven by progress in optoelectronic technology. Demand for such devices is growing constantly and proceeding in parallel with the evolution of the equipment and the upstream production processes. More specifically, optoelectronic devices consist of materials and components (such as semi-conductors) that interact with light in a specific way and are able to transform light pulses into electrical pulses.

The project's main goal is the development of a scalable “zero defects” platform for the manufacture of such components. Hence the role being played by SACMI, which shall be providing its skills in “assessment of product and component contamination levels” by making use of high-sensitivity sensors/electronic noses.

Set to last 42 months, the project has 8 development steps. These span from diagnosis and the development of predictive models to systems for identifying potential component defects with automatic feedback on the production process. The overall budget is 8 million euros and the project has the dual purpose of developing a more efficient technological platform and reducing the development costs of such devices (also via the re-utilisation and recycling of some components).


Corporate News

SACMI becomes a BMR shareholder
Official as of 4th July, this partnership reinforces SACMI's role as a sole provider covering all ceramic manufacturing areas, with end-of-line solutions playing a crucial role  >>

Giulio Mengoli is the new General Manager of the SACMI Group
With great international experience, Mengoli spent 5 years with General Electric and was at the top levels of Tetra Pak for 15 years.  >>

SACMI approves the 2018 Financial Statement, with sales at 1.44 BLN euro
After five very positive years, results continued to improve, making 2018 one of the best years in the Group's history. Goals for 2030: reinforced leadership in 'core' sectors, seizing opportunities offered by the circular economy and Industry 4.0  >>

Alpha Ceramics celebrates 20 years in operation and looks to the future with Team by SACMI
From its foundation as a “competence centre” for Laeis up to its current role as full partner in the development of technologies for the European industry for refractories and high-performance special ceramics.  >>


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