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SACMI: expanding fast in Iran

Low energy and labour costs, an abundance of raw materials and keen entrepreneurial spirit...

Low energy and labour costs, an abundance of raw materials and keen entrepreneurial spirit: these are just some of the factors that have contributed to the rapid growth of Iranian ceramics, an industry which sees the Sacmi Group as one of its most valuable technological partners.
Several of the many complete plants provided by Sacmi – now the country’s leading supplier of ceramic machinery – are currently going through start-up and testing. These include the plants at Ehsan, Nirou and Meybod. There are also numerous production lines at the advanced assembly stage (Kimia Ceramic, Golchin Tile, Bastan Tile, Khatam Ardekhan) and other, existing lines on which new machines are being made ready (e.g. doubling of output capacity at the Golchin Tile, Rabat Tile, Goldis Tile, Naz Ceram and Aghigh plants). The technologies that have met with the greatest success are, above all, those for the production of single-fire red bodies and glazed granitos.
In Iran, industry is largely concentrated around the capital, Tehran, and in other industrial zones such as Gazvin and Semnan, Isfhan. Less central areas such as Mashad, Tabriz and Shiraz are also experiencing consistent growth. Yet it is the city of Yazd (about 600 km south-east of Tehran, on a high desert plain) which is the true locomotive of Iranian ceramic output. The area around Yazd (Meybod, Ardakhan) has recently seen exponential expansion of the ceramic industry, resulting in the establishment of so many producers that the creation of a true Iranian “hub” of ceramic production is beginning to look possible.
This fast-growing “district” is also accelerating the spread of Sacmi technology, an acceleration driven by quality of service and word of mouth in the business community. Local investors look for, above all, partners capable of providing close support throughout the technical/engineering evolution of their production facilities, thus ensuring both competitiveness on the internal market and the quality needed to compete outside Iran.
“Local ceramic manufacturers” explain the technicians at Sacmi, “are aware of the overriding need to have quality products and the flexible, reliable technology that will permit them to compete both internally and on the export market with low running costs”.
In addition to those listed above, Sacmi also has plenty of other projects in the pipeline for the Yazd area, and sees those projects as being essential to the reinforcement of its leadership in what may well become a sort of “Iranian Sassuolo”: it is a future that Sacmi firmly believes in and to which it intends to dedicate significant resources.

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