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SACMI DFS1, the proactive maintenance solution for porous resin moulds

Since its market launch, over 1.2 million litres of the product have been sold, clear evidence of its effectiveness at maintaining quality and productivity over time and extending the working life of the mould

Guarantee, reliability, quality: three key words that define what SACMI offers its customers worldwide. To get the very best performance out of its porous resin moulds - a Sanitaryware Division hallmark - SACMI developed DFS1. For 15 years now, it has been the go-to solution for proper mould maintenance and, therefore, maximised mould efficiency and lifespan.

Porous resin moulds are, in fact, filters that require regular cleaning. Machine wash cycles play a key role in ensuring proper daily operation. However, depending on the characteristics of the slip and the water, they also require periodic counter-flushing to eliminate any clogging.

Regular use of the DFS1 liquid, produced by SACMI specifically for mould "counter-flushing" purposes, helps keep them free from the impurities and internal clogging which, unless removed, would cause their gradual deterioration.

SACMI-developed DFS1 comes in a user-friendly liquid format. Its use fits the "proactive maintenance", concept, preserving the mould and helping to keep the performance of the porous resin constant over time. The result is consistent, repeatable manufacturing efficiency and a longer working life for the mould itself.

Since its market launch back in 2002, over 100 customers who use SACMI porous resin moulds have purchased over 1,200,000 litres of the product, and demand has risen steadily over the years. Note also that the product can easily be processed by the chemical-physical waste water treatment systems traditionally used in ceramic plants, a factor that has made DFS1 - which SACMI usually supplies in 1000-litre IBC tanks - easy to use on existing plants.


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