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SACMI rises to the challenge of the European DAIRY market

Visitors to Anuga FoodTec 2015 can enjoy a preview of the all-new CBF20S, designed to manufacture attractive-looking 100 ml HDPE bottles weighing just 5.5 grams

Ultra-short cycle times, containers with outstanding characteristics, low weight: these are the key features of the application proposed by SACMI Imola on the CBF20S machine, to be previewed at the Anuga FoodTec 2015 fair (Hall 07, stand B051/A050), the not-to-be-missed international dairy technology fair scheduled to take place in Cologne from 24 to 27 March 2015. The result of SACMI’s ability to provide considerable added value through reduced weight, this application has been specifically designed for the European market, ever-more oriented towards products and production processes that ensure environmental sustainability, now the cornerstone for development of the packaging industry.

The latest SACMI Imola proposal, to be previewed at the show, focuses on the manufacture of attractively designed 100 ml HDPE single-dose bottles for probiotic products based on fermented-acidified milk. At just 5.5 grams, these extremely light bottles offer the best solution available on today’s market in terms of raw material savings, optimization of energy consumption and low waste disposal costs while ensuring mechanical properties of a very high standard. SACMI, then, has responded to the unique needs of this market by applying technological innovation that stems from thirty years’ experience in the industry and, on the one hand, combining it with careful analysis of specific environmental conditions that make the "lightweight" factor such an important one for packaging manufacturers, and, on the other, building up its product range with new solutions specifically designed for the dairy sector.

From application to machine: the CBF20S, able to produce up to 10 thousand 100 ml bottles per hour with extremely short cycle times (7 seconds or less). This machine is the result of skilfully combining two different technologies (compression and blow moulding) in which SACMI leads the world. CBF (compression blow forming) offers outstanding productivity, flexibility, energy savings and an intrinsic product quality beyond that which can be attained with more traditional technologies. The key strength of the CBF is that the advantages of compression technology, in which SACMI is the market leader on the closure manufacturing front, have successfully been ‘transferred’ to a new sector, that of plastic container manufacturing, thus making it a sound alternative to now-mature technologies such as injection/blow moulding and extrusion/blow moulding.

What makes the difference is the highly innovative transformation process, based on continuous extrusion of the plastic material which is subsequently cut into set portions; these are then inserted in an open mould and formed using compression technology to obtain a preform. Inside the mould, the preform is thermo-regulated at a temperature that allows it to be the stretch-blown to obtain the final container, which is fed out smoothly onto the line. The result is a unique technology platform that produces bottles starting directly from resin pellets.

Capable of ensuring high output rates, CBF technology optimises production costs while increasing output flexibility and allowing utilisation of all the currently market-requested resins such as HDPE, PS, PET and PP, all by making a few simple machine settings. Furthermore, the solution features extremely fast size changeovers: this has been made possible by excellent moulding component modularity, which means the same plant can be used to mould different products. Lastly, this innovative technology, thanks to the contribution made by compression know-how, lets manufacturers make containers with thinner walls but without compromising on any of the excellent physical characteristics. A solution, then, of great interest to the DAIRY industry and beyond, as the application previewed at Anuga FoodTec 2015 clearly demonstrates: this application, in fact, proposes same-performance weight reduction as the best possible response to the specific needs of the target market.

A leading provider of both individual machines and complete turnkey plant engineering solutions for many years, Sacmi has also expanded its solutions package for the dairy sector (already available for some time), with further industry-specific solutions. These include the renewed horizontal FFS (Form Fill Seal) in aseptic and non-aseptic versions previously sold under the Bencopack brand, plus next-generation case packing (wrap around or RSC) and palletizing (centralized palletizer serving multiple lines) solutions. Finally, there are also integrated labelling systems , particularly as regards heat-shrink label sleeves.

For labelling, in fact, Sacmi provides a range that has been revamped over recent months, its flagship solution being the Formsleeve +. This modular labeller allows direct in-machine creation of a partial or complete tubular label. Application of labels, properly positioned and oriented thanks to the MDO (machine direction orientated labels), is managed by a series of motor-powered spindles, using vacuum technology and a fully natural liquid as an adhesive. Lastly, the heated tunnel completes the label shrinking process.

Completing the Sacmi labelling range is the modular OPERA labeller which offers customers a full range of benefits, from substantially lower space requirements (thanks to outstanding machine compactness) to ease of installation (thanks to the plug & play system that lets producers manage self-adhesive, roll-fed, cold glue and hot glue labels). Each module, in fact, consists of a labelling station mounted on a mobile slide which can easily be connected to/disconnected from the labeller and replaced with different modules according to specific process requirements.

At Anuga FoodTec, Sacmi will also be presenting its filling solutions, which centre on the new range of bag-in-box fillers. The latter offer outstanding compactness, efficiency and process hygiene and can process 3-litre sizes at 800 cycles per minute or 20-litre sizes at 330 cycles per minute. More specifically, the latest generation of electronically controlled contactless EWE filling valves ensures fully ultra-clean process control, thus eliminating any risk of product contamination by oxidizing agents.



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