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SAMA reaches an agreement with LAPP Insulators Group to produce high voltage mega-insulators

This shared project will see the development of a new boring and lathing machine for special, geometrically complex and very large ceramic items. It will be installed at the plant in Turda (Romania)

LAPP Insulators Group and SAMA Maschinenbau have signed an agreement aimed at developing a new boring and lathing machine for high voltage ceramic insulators that are some 4 metres long and have a diameter of about 1 metre.

The world's leading producer of insulators, with facilities in over 70 countries, LAPP has several plants in Europe (Germany, Romania, Poland), China and the United States; its origins go all the way back to the late 19th century and its history is entwined with that of global brands such as Rosenthal and Siemens. SAMA Maschinenbau, instead, is the leading designer of machines and complete plants for the manufacture of tableware, technical ceramics and special ceramics; it also specialises in ceramic insulators, and operates worldwide thanks to the SACMI Group's far-reaching manufacturing, sales and after-sales assistance network.

This project is particularly ambitious: the boring and lathing process is, in fact, used extensively to manufacture hollow insulators of varying shapes and sizes for voltages of up to 1,100 kV; they can even reach dimensions of – thanks to special gluing procedures – up to 9 metres. The characteristics, shape and design of the insulator must take into account the specific environmental conditions where it will be installed and the differing needs of LAPP's customers. LAPP will install the new machine - jointly developed with SAMA - in the production plant in Turda, Romania.

For both companies, this project is an unprecedented challenge as there is also a need to design (as a support for the mega-insulator) a suitable pylon, itself no less than 17 metres high, which will require foundation earthworks some 7 metres deep. The insulators will be made from ceramic blocks weighing up to 5 tons; the delicate, complex forming process leaves no margin for error and demands the very best experience and know-how in the business. This challenge has led to close teamwork between the two companies in order to develop a customised, high-efficiency solution that, in addition to being a manufacturing and business success, will ensure increased employment in the medium term at all the involved facilities (Wunsiedel and Turda for LAPP, Weissenstadt for SAMA).

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