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Sama's machinery production6/17/2015
SAMA’s new generation of isostatic presses takes the market by storm

Quality, flexibility and optimised production costs ensure the continued success of this Sacmi Group company on the tableware market

SAMA Maschinenbau, Europe’s leading designer and producer of machines and complete plants for the manufacture of tableware and technical ceramics, has boosted its market share thanks to new isostatic pressing solutions. Providing a pressing force of 450 tons, which gives - thanks to the low pressure hydraulic system with multiplier - an isostatic compaction pressure of up to 300 bar, the latest generation of LPP 1S-38 presses has several innovative design features that make it a truly ideal manufacturing solution that combines flexible output and extremely high quality with reasonably low investment outlays and running costs.


The range has numerous distinctive features - the result of SAMA’s 20 years’ experience in the industry- that begin with the extremely compact, modular design.


The press structure, based on four pre-loaded columns, has been designed using the most advanced structural calculation methods and thus offers outstanding reliability.

New design features, aimed at ensuring energy savings, have allowed minimisation of consumption, practically reducing it to zero during stages that are not technologically ‘useful’.


Moreover, the use of pressure multipliers, which limit the high pressure zones, together with pressurisation of the hydraulic circuit, which prevents contamination from the outside, drastically reduces the downtimes associated with hydraulic component faults.


Careful attention has been paid to silent running of the machine and noise levels are now below 70 dB.


Other new functions that should be pointed out include the ability to press standard cups and cups with inner rounded edges.

Lastly, control software has been optimised to make press operation even easier and ensure a further boost to press productivity.

The press is supplied by SAMA together with the OFM 8 for completion of finishing and cutting operations, a machine that can be fully automated and handle even the most complex shapes.


These, then, are the hallmarks of a new SAMA product range that has won over the industry’s biggest global players, attracted by its capacity to make even the most complex geometries while guaranteeing excellent productivity, flexibility, efficiency and process repeatability.



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