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SARK: evolved system for kiln self-adjustment

It allows automatic size and flatness defect correction

The Self Adjusting Roller Kiln, or SARK system, is a Sacmi solution whereby the kiln is automatically adjusted on the basis of the acquisition of various fired product parameters.

In simple terms, the Sacmi kiln self-adjusts on the basis of the detected outfeed product quality.
The feedback-based automatic correction system makes it possible to adjust dimensional defects (oversize and/or undersize, trapezoid effect) and flatness defects (dishing or bowing) that may affect products such as white and red body single-fired floor tiles (including glazed porcelain stoneware and technical stoneware).

The SARK system involves installing a series of devices, in the firing and rapid cooling zones of the kiln, capable of prompt adjustment of the values that may affect product quality, thereby correcting defects and restoring acceptable product standards at kiln outfeed.

The System memory contains records of the most common tile defects and relative corrective actions. Defect recognition and classification is based on the use of a fuzzy control based system.
In practice, imprecise input data recorded in the field are processed utilising a logic system that approaches human intelligence and that incorporates and emulates the know-how of ceramic sector experts.
The capacity of the System to correct defects is comparable to the manual actions that might be performed by an expert operator constantly in charge of supervising kiln operation.

In short, the SARK system can be summarised as follows: a special Calibro-Planar unit analyses the dimensions and flatness of each row of tiles at the kiln outfeed. When the defect appears, the system identifies it as correctable or not correctable on the basis of correlation with the database that accompanies the software.
If the defect can be corrected, SARK takes action after a programmable delay interval; if the defect cannot be corrected no action is taken and the system simply signals the anomalous situation. The threshold values for defects are all computer programmable.
SARK can be disabled without affecting normal operation of the kiln.
Also existing kilns can be equipped with this control system.


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