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Sacmi “noses” its way into the limelight at R2B

At Research to Business Sacmi will be exhibiting Eos, the revolutionary electronic olfactory system

Sacmi is to present its advanced Eos system at R2B, the trade fair that focuses on interaction between advanced research and business, to be held in Bologna from 28th February to 1st March. A unique event in Italy, offering visitors a great chance to catch up on all that’s new in high-tech mechanics, bio-technology, energy, the environment, new materials and nano-technology.
Launched on the market by Sacmi, this revolutionary system is intended for the quality control of food. Developed and built at the Sacmi Imola research facility in collaboration with several Italian institutes, the “electronic nose” consists of sophisticated gas sensors that not only detect the olfactory fingerprint of a certain product but also recognise its individual volatile components. The “nose” can thus be used both to identify the aromatic qualities of a food product and reveal the presence of any undesired contamination. Eos can, for example, quickly and simply establish whether a fruit is harbouring any micro-organisms that might alter its quality or whether an olive oil is extra virgin or not. Sacmi’s electronic nose can be seen at the INFM (Istituto nazionale per la fisica della materia) exhibition area.
Development of the technology needed to make gas sensors with thin, semi-conductor metal oxide films began, in fact, in 2000, in collaboration with the Gas Sensors Lab of the Engineering and Materials Chemical and Physical Department of the University of Brescia, a partner of INFM. The research project involved the setting up, in Sacmi, of a dedicated research lab, training of qualified researchers and the development of innovative electronic olfactory systems based on the use of innovative sensors - fully designed and developed by Sacmi.


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