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Sacmi, “Think local, act global”

Spare parts and technical assistance: a global network of services ensuring we are always ready to meet customers’ needs

“Staking out” strategic points around the world. Because when a spare part is needed, delivery times are everything. Because when a customer chooses Sacmi, he knows he’s opted not only for technological excellence, productivity, quality and reliability but also the immediate availability and fast delivery of any spare part.
That “Global Network” consists of no less than fifteen decentralised storage facilities: Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland, Turkey and Russia in “old Europe”, then the USA, Mexico and Brazil in the Americas and finally, in Asia, the continent that is fast becoming the barycentre of the global economy, two warehouses in China and one each in Iran, India and Korea. Last but not least is the Singapore facility, the gateway to Oceania. The end result is an impeccable “just in time” service – spare parts immediately available anywhere in the world – which minimises plant downtimes (the real nightmare for any business, much more so than the effective cost of the actual spare part).
A “close to the customer” strategy that Sacmi implements by, on one hand, establishing a physical presence as near as possible to the end user and, on the other, by providing super-reliable original spare parts to ensure the perfect performance and long-lasting operation of Sacmi’s production plants. Spare parts that are – as is inevitable in this globalization era – also sold over the internet via a dedicated service (without, of course, forgetting that not all customers are able to make use of this service). A clear diversification strategy and multiple sales channels ensure coverage of all customer needs and, where necessary, advantages in terms of supply chain management.
Yet the spare parts and accessories service is not everything: from Sacmi’s viewpoint technical assistance plays an equally important role in this “close to the customer” policy. Companies that have purchased Sacmi plants, in fact, can rely on a 4-language 24/7 call center. On the other end of the line customers will find specialised personnel able to provide useful advice on just about anything, with staff ready to register customers’ requests and pass them on immediately to the technical staff in Imola.
Assistance, as Sacmi sees it, is really an investment – an approach that makes Sacmi unique. An approach that is one of the Group’s key strengths. Then, of course, there are the training services placed at the customers’ disposal: so customers can count not only on an impeccable after-sales service but also make use of the our inimitable know-how by attending several hours of mechanical and technological training in Imola, or by attending lessons via the innovative new web-based service, specially designed to help customer companies train up their technicians by providing them with a clear understanding of the theory and practice of production processes.
With regard to on-line aspects, Sacmi was the first Italian company to offer e-learning services for the training of both internal and far-off personnel. Sacmi has also developed three innovative services that, once again, aim to make the customer the focus of attention, before the sale and after. First and foremost is the eDocs&eSpares service (customer-specific technical drawings, manuals and updated spare parts catalogues). Then there is eSupport (interactive technical assistance, which allows the customer to view technical files and dialogue with Sacmi’s experts, access a user-friendly data bank, again machine-specific and customer-specific). Finally, ePay, which allows customers to pay any Sacmi invoice on-line via the international banking circuit with, naturally, maximum transaction security.

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