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Sacmi, first PH8200 Smart installed for the Spanish market

First pressing run completed successfully, thanks also to a direct, remote connection to Sacmi's technicians.

Ferraes Ceramica, a leading Spanish ceramic firm belonging to the Vives Group, has taken delivery of the first PH8200 Smart press to be sold on the Iberian market. The all-new Smart solution, currently supplied to Italian customers on presses and EVA vertical driers, provides a particularly innovative integrated automation system. Based on the Ethernet Powerlink communication protocol, the PH 8200 automation programme allows high speed communication and, therefore, fast and accurate control of all machine operation parameters, consumption included.

The first pressing run (completed with the aid of Sacmi's remote-connected technicians) was a complete success. The customer also appreciated the excellent user-friendliness, made possible by a simple, intuitive interface that provides valuable diagnostic info. These features have already proved to be winners in Italy, where Sacmi first installed the system. The year 2018, instead, will see the new Smart solution marketed throughout the global ceramic industry.

Moreover, despite the high-tech, innovative nature of the press, its on-site installation and subsequent start-up and testing require very little time. That rapidity also stems from the Sacmi Global Network services, which now include advanced e-Learning courses designed to provide technicians with up-to-the-minute training. Moreover, these new machines also feature a remote control device that ensures users receive close technical support from Sacmi during assembly and start-up.


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