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Sacmi ALF, the most flexible detergent filling solution in the industry

Already a success in the still water filling, capping and handling sectors, Sacmi technology has proved to be equally effective for the automated filling of all types of detergent

Solid, flexible, designed to handle a broad variety of container sizes and products of varying viscosity and composition. This, in short, is Sacmi ALF, the innovative monobloc that combines filling, liquid nitrogen dosing and capping all in one system.

Supplied to a key player in Mexico, this application has been designed to maximise both productivity and flexibility of use. With a centre-to-centre of 226 mm, the Sacmi monobloc is equipped with 40 filling valves that operate in ‘contactless’ mode. The 5 capping heads and the special neck grippers allow easy control of formats from 2 to 9 litres, giving an overall system productivity range of 2,700 - 7,200 bottles/hour depending on the format.

Suitable for all types of liquid detergent – washing liquids, softeners, multi-surface detergents – the Sacmi ALF monobloc operates independently of viscosity, which can vary enormously (the product range provides for a broad viscosity range, from detergents with Newtonian viscosity to others with typically non-Newtonian viscosity); the ALF also tolerates the high corrosiveness of certain formulas; that’s why all parts that come into direct contact with the product are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.

Alongside the weight-based filling system with “intelligent” load cells (which maximises precision and ensures continuous, accurate control of container weight), the Sacmi ALF design features eliminate the risk of dripping after filling (which is always executed via ‘contactless’ valves).

Sacmi, which had already successfully developed and marketed this type of plant engineering technology for still water filling, has thus broadened its business horizon by offering an application that maximises plant productivity and provides a real-time response to a wide range of market needs (frequent product and/or size changeovers). In a word, flexibility: one of the most pressing needs of the international domestic and industrial hygiene sector.


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