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Sacmi CRS (Fast Mould Changeover), a global standard for high tonnage presses

More than 100 such solutions have now been sold worldwide. Markets appreciate not just the rapidity and versatility of the system but also its outstanding safety and compactness

At Tecnargilla 2010, Sacmi announced the launch of a system that would slash mould changeover times on large presses to mere fractions of an hour. Today, barely five years after its launch, the system has become a global standard on Sacmi presses with an inter-column clearance of 2,450 mm (from the PH3800 to the PH10000, including the brand new PH8200 smart).

A total of 113 such solutions have now been sold. This success is not just the result of an ability to minimise mould replacement times (thanks to the innovative permanent magnet mould attachment method and a handling-aligning device that allows its insertion by a single worker without any need for additional tools) but is, just as importantly, linked to considerable improvements in terms of workplace safety and smaller dimensions.

The data shows, in fact, that these latter characteristics are the ones most appreciated by customers: already, in 2016, the percentage of presses equipped with the new system was so high that it is practically as-standard across the entire Sacmi high tonnage press range.

The Italian market showed its confidence in this solution immediately (following its presentation at the international Tecnargilla fair in 2010, the first prototype was installed the following year by a leading Reggio Emilia-based firm). At present 41 CRS solutions have been installed by various manufacturers in the same district. That confidence soon spread worldwide (in addition to those in Italy, 37 solutions been installed in Central and North America, 17 in the rest of Europe, 12 in the Middle East, 6 in South America) and a total of 113 have now been sold globally.

"These figures", points out Alessandro Cocquio, Sacmi Ceramics Technical Manager, "confirm that CRS is now a reliable, consolidated solution that customers clearly appreciate. Indeed, once they've experienced all the practical benefits, they tend to reconfirm their choice and place new orders".
The synergy between press development at Sacmi Imola and mould manufacturing at Sacmi Molds & Dies should also be underlined. "Perfect integration of Sacmi moulds with the press", continues Alessandro Cocquio, "maximises the potential of the system; this explains why over three quarters of sold solutions featuring the CRS system mount moulds by Sacmi Molds&Dies”.

As the world's leading provider of machines and complete plants to the ceramic industry, Sacmi has, with this result, once again demonstrated a unique ability to rapidly develop process and product innovations that few manufacturers are willing to do without.
This strategy stems directly from the ever-growing market success of large tiles and the parallel reduction in average lot size (the flip side of product personalisation), developments that force manufacturers to find flexible, affordable, safe solutions.

In short: partnering with Sacmi means more competitiveness and opportunity for the global ceramic industry.


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