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Sacmi-Defranceschi, putting extra sparkle into Italian wine-making

Highly successful Open Day attracts over 150 industry operators. Starring role played by the newly arrived Sacmi Wine&Spirits Division.

Imola is a land of wine-makers and mechanics. Hence the decision by Sacmi to present the market with its new Wine&Spirits Division. Following the takeover of Defranceschi Italia (a long-standing wine-making machine and plant producer based in nearby Mordano), this latest division brings all the Group's wine-making experience and expertise under one roof.

On last 16 November, a special open day saw over 150 operators – wine makers, oenologists, designers, people from the strategic world of technological intermediaries – attend the presentation of the new Division.

“With this project" explained the President of Sacmi, Paolo Mongardi, "we aim to make a high-impact entry in the wine world. We already have a Beverage Division (producing fillers, modular labelling machines, primary packaging and palletizing solutions and a wealth of expertise and know-how. This means we’re perfectly placed to launch a challenge in this area by fielding new synergies and outstanding process and product innovation - all with the solid support of Sacmi."

So let's take a look at the “new” Defranceschi: flanking Managing Director, Daniele Marastoni, are two sales managers. One, Laurent Guillemain deals with the company's technological section and core businesses, the other, Fabio Zardi, handles the plant engineering part, that is, the multiple synergies with the Group's existing businesses (Filling, Labelling, Packaging, but also Automation and, ultimately, the NIR and olfactory systems divisions). In the near future, such synergies will allow us to offer the market a true "turnkey winery", covering everything from in-the-vineyard grape quality control to wine-making, bottling, labelling and packaging.

During this Open Day, industry operators and potential customers were shown the Defranceschi product range, now ready to be introduced onto the market. These solutions, which visitors had the opportunity to see for themselves during a special in-company tour, include the new JP-CD membrane press series with renewed design and mechanics (zero maintenance, safety, energy savings), the MAGNUM series (already certified by CIVC, the inter-professional association of Champagne producers and dealers) and the coloured steel designer tanks, a globally renowned Defranceschi trademark on account of their superior quality and, above all, because they constitute a design element of the winery.

 Download the complete press release     Open day photogallery


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