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Sacmi Social Audit 2003: a multinational of values

Sacmi presents a document illustrating, in figures, the economic and social role of the Cooperative.

Nearly a thousand employees, a total output valued at 500 million Euros (90% of which is accounted for by exports), 1500 suppliers, nearly all in Emilia-Romagna, and over 3 million Euros ploughed back into the local community. This, then, is the portrait of Sacmi painted by the Cooperative’s 60-page Social Audit, which provides an overview of its economic and social role in 2003. The document was presented in Imola yesterday at a seminar titled “Sacmi Social Audit: how Adriano Olivetti’s utopia can become real”. The event was attended by Domenico Olivieri, President of the Sacmi Cooperative, Giuliano Poletti, National President of Legacoop, Luciano Sita, President of Granarolo and President of Impronta Etica and Marisa Parmigiani from SCSAzioninnova. The panel of speakers also hosted Adrian Celaia, Secretary General of Mondragon Corporación Cooperativa (Basque countries, Spain) and Chiara Ricciardelli, author of the book “Olivetti: a history, a dream yet to be written”.
In 2003 the output value of the Sacmi Group broke through the € 500 million barrier, increasing by 14.5% with respect to 2001. Almost 90% of Sacmi sales are generated by foreign customers: 11% in Italy, 28% in the West, 61% in developing nations. The net added value generated by the Cooperative exceeded € 118 million. That wealth was distributed as follows: 48.4% to personnel, 22.1% for future generations (in the form of funds, indivisible reserves and amortization), 10.6% to public administration and 6.6% to cooperative members. Over the last three years more than € 3 million was spent supporting the local community through social projects, donations and contributions to social service bodies. In 2003 the local community received 0.4% of added value.
Sacmi has grown to become a successful multinational, yet has managed to maintain close ties with the local area and its economy, starting with the businesses of Emilia-Romagna. Sacmi, in fact, provides work for over 1500 suppliers, and in 2003 purchased goods with a total value of € 153.8 million. Seventy-eight percent of those suppliers are located in the Region, providing a vital boost to the economy and generating employment.


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