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Sacmi and Bonfiglioli Pharma: together for pharmaceuticals

First integrated bottle seal-check/visual inspection system installed

The pharmaceutical production line: a place where safety and quality control are everything, where nothing can be left to chance, because nothing less than people’s health is at stake. Now, a major innovation is available to the industry: the first integrated system that checks the medicine bottle seal and simultaneously carries out visual inspection to check the condition of the package and the purity of the product.

Designed for the production of powder antibiotics, this new line was jointly developed by Sacmi and Bonfiglioli Pharma. Installed at Labesfal – a Portuguese pharmaceutical company based in Campo de Besteiros, near Porto – it combines seal control and visual inspection in a single system. Until now, two separate control stations were needed. The inauguration, which took place on 28th January, was attended by the President of the Portuguese Republic.

The integrated machine installed at the Portuguese plant is a PK-VIS Combo: the seal control system was designed by Bonfiglioli Pharma, while the innovative CVS 3000 vision system was developed by Sacmi. In the configuration supplied to Labesfal, the PK-VIS Combo can inspect five different pharmaceutical glass phial formats, from 10 to 100 ml, at rates ranging from 125 to 300 bottles per minute depending on format. The Sacmi CVS 3000 features 4 video cameras: these inspect the bottle from cap to base, detecting not only cosmetic or functional defects in the container, such as bubbles, imperfections in the glass or incorrectly applied closures, but also any visible contaminants in the antibiotic powder itself.

In addition to ensuring top quality output, this new solution will allow Labesfal to enhance efficiency considerably as it reduces personnel costs, cuts space requirements and means less machine maintenance. Labesfal, part of the German Fresenius pharmaceutical group – a colossus with 105,000 employees and total sales of over 12 billion Euros – is involved in various segments of the pharmaceutical market and is, in particular, the world’s leading provider of dialysis and transfusion products and services.


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