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Sacmi as an example for the refractory industry

IrefCon 2008: Sacmi and Riedhammer to present new solutions that combine quality and productivity

A guide to solutions for the refractory industry: this, then, will be the focus of IrefCon 2008, the international industry-dedicated congress to be held in Kolkata, India, from 7th to 9th February 2008. Sacmi, participating in the event on a stand shared with Riedhammer - a Group company specialised in refractory product firing solutions - will be presenting itself in India in the guise of “Platinum sponsor” and will also be giving a talk titled ‘How to improve global quality in refractory production plants’.
India has a fast-growing economy so the refractory industry will be getting together to discuss how best to respond to the challenges of the future: the steel industry – where most refractory products are used – is continuously expanding and the ever-more global nature of the market obliges producers, no matter how small they might be, to make strategic choices that allow them to grasp opportunities on one side and successfully face increased competition on the other.
With over thirty year’s experience in the field and over one hundred customers worldwide, Sacmi aims to provide the congress with guidelines on how to go about reorganising production so as to improve quality and productivity by using modern Sacmi-developed technology. The days in which one merely needed ‘machine suppliers’ are being replaced by a new period in which there is a need for ‘technological partners’ who provide not only access to cutting-edge technical solutions (quality) but also supply the basis for their correct management over the years (productivity).
And it is on this very basis that Sacmi Imola has built up its Indian branch over the last few years: by investing in its own customer care and spare parts centre in the Mumbai district, by investing in close collaboration between well-known local agents and, above all, by investing in relations with some of the most representative refractory manufacturers. Following the sale of the first press in 1999, steadily growing loyalty and outstanding product quality has led, over the last four years, to the sale of a further nine.
At Irefcon, Sacmi will be illustrating the advantages of using automatic filling systems designed to ensure both optimal and constant mould cavity filling and simpler maintenance management; it will illustrate how an advanced piece thickness and density control system provides an automatic response to variations in the physical characteristics of the mix and will show – in brief – how it is possible to blend complex, technologically evolved systems with simplicity of use and management.
Sacmi will also explain how productivity must always be traced back to the wider concept of efficiency and will so illustrate, among other things: the importance of functions that minimise downtimes such as self-learning, which ensures constant performance over the years and, consequently, longer-lasting mechanical and hydraulic components; the importance of self-diagnosis functions, which provide the operator with step-by-step troubleshooting guidance; the importance, of course, of the added value provided by the availability of training programmes and an ever-ready after-sales service.
In short, Sacmi believes that the new challenges of the refractory market can only be overcome successfully through ever-tighter teamwork between supplier and user.


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