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Sacmi becomes a Mectiles shareholder

The Casalgrande-based firm has been handling the purchase, overhaul and sale of used Sacmi

To boost sales opportunities and, at the same time, acquire a part of the added value that stems from the management, sale and enhancement of used machines: this, in short, is the strategy of the Sacmi Group, which has just become a minority shareholder in Mectiles, a company based in Casalgrande (RE, Italy). The latter has managed, for many years now, on behalf of the Group, the purchase, regeneration and subsequent sale of used machines for the ceramic industry. Mectiles is expected to close 2015 with total sales of over 40 million Euro and has 30 employees.

“In recent years, management of used Sacmi machines”, points out Managing Director, Pietro Cassani, “has been performed by this specialised company, which operates independently. Thanks to their undisputed technical and commercial skills and excellent management by their President, Stefano Compagni, their work has also resulted in higher sales of new machines by allowing customers to cover part of the payment from the sale of used equipment".

The ambition, explains Sacmi’s Managing Director, is to extend Mectiles’ scope of business from second-hand ceramic machines to other Group business areas such as packaging (closures and beverage) and food (headed by Group holding company Carle & Montanari).

“By shrewdly expanding the handling of used machines we can boost sales”, explains Cassani, “by including other Group business segments where there is demand for us to buy back used equipment as partial compensation for investment in new plants”.

The underlying theme of the operation is managerial/organisational autonomy, as this will ensure the best possible results in both the sale of new equipment, run by Sacmi, and the sale of used equipment, handled by Mectiles (which works not just for Sacmi but also other players in the Sassuolo ceramic district). Used machines represent an interesting opportunity for customers in emerging nations who are looking for economical yet good quality solutions. The combination of used Sacmi machines (which maintain their value over time) and Mectiles’ outstanding overhaul, installation and start-up skills is set to be a winning one.

As might be expected, this operation also takes into account a global scenario that stretches from Italy to the Near East and South-East Asia, where fierce competition demands a strengthening of its position on both the new and used equipment markets (founded in 1998, Mectiles operates worldwide and in emerging economies and has important overseas branches such as Mectiles Turkey).

Other positive effects of gaining a share in Mectiles are likely to include improved synergies with TLR (Tech & Lease Rent): this Sacmi partner deals with equipment rental, offering all the assurance that stems from the reliability, quality and durability of Group-developed technical solutions/systems in the various businesses and industries.


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