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Sacmi food&beverage know-how at Djazagro 2018

The Group will be showcasing its integrated beverage range, the hub of which is the new heroLINE, the first complete, integrated solution that lets manufacturers go directly from cap and preform to labelled container.

Over 20,000 industry professionals are expected to attend Djazagro 2018, the annual fair that brings together the world's leading Process & Conditioning, Bakery-Pastry, Food & Beverage, Ingredients & Food Service protagonists in what is North Africa's leading economy. This year's edition, to be held from 9 to 12 April 2018 at the Safex Exhibition Park in Algiers, will see the Sacmi Group (Stand  CT F 065) play a starring role for the fifth year running with a display of its technological range for the food&beverage sectors.

A long-standing, well-organised presence on this market (now worth 175 billion dollars and increasingly attentive to developing new technological know-how for local producers), Sacmi will be presenting its integrated Packaging-Beverage solutions. To start with, visitors will have a great opportunity to see the CCM compression press range, which boasts the lowest management/running costs on the market, clear evidence of Sacmi's world leadership in the compression sector. The ability to produce ever-lighter, better-performing caps and develop cap-bottle systems with integrated design (and a strong focus on lightweight goals) makes Sacmi the only worldwide supplier capable of following every single step of the beverage production process.

A clear example of this is the new heroLINE. Developed and launched on the market just recently, this solution begins with cap and preform production (CCM and IPS respectively) and integrates all the bottling line blowing, filling and labelling processes. More specifically, in 2017 Sacmi developed the new Heroblock. This is the beating heart of a new production philosophy that merges all the phases downstream from the line into an all-in-one solution. The outcome? Manufacturers can now go directly, in a single process, from  preform and cap (fed in an ordered, synchronised manner by the automatic Sacmi CPB magazine) to labelled container.

The hallmarks of the process are high quality, energy savings, logistical efficiency and weight reduction (and, therefore, lower raw material costs). What's more, Sacmi has developed add-on solutions such as COLORA CAP and D-Match (for digital decoration of cap and label respectively) to maximise product and brand potential. Sacmi is also a market stand-out because it provides customers with close support right from the design phase, doing so via its dedicated branches (Sacmi has three facilities in Africa, headed by Sacmi North Africa). It also provides them with constant training and consultancy, working closely with the Beverage R&D facility, certified by the global industry's top players.

Alongside beverage, another key sector in the growing Algerian economy is the food processing industry. This plays a major role in public and private investments that aim to spread new know-how based on the best European technology. Hence the pivotal role of the Sacmi Food Division, which will be at Djazagro 2018 with CM-OPM and CM-FIMA: together they constitute Italy's first chocolate processing and wrapping industry hub, providing customers with integrated solutions for the confectionery sector.

Intent on becoming Algeria's leading provider for both new, local start-ups and established producers, CM-OPM and CM-FIMA have already set up numerous facilities in the country; plenty of others are in the pipeline, which will soon lead to a considerable increase in the local confectionery industry's output capacity. The latest developments in the range are characterised by meticulous attention to tailor-made solutions that also take into account the needs of small and medium-size producers; these range from NANO Chocoline a small-scale chocolate preparation line for limited production runs and ultra-high quality to NANO and NANO x, the smallest units in the moulding system series, designed for output rates of 200 kg/h upwards.

Featuring excellent design and outstanding process hygiene, these moulding solutions stand out on account of their excellent modularity and because they can be configured to handle all types of production: solid, solid with inclusions, one shot and filled products. Their superb versatility allows manufacturers to exploit the full range of available technologies (traditional shell, fast-shell) and, with the addition of new modules, manage line extensions flexibly over time.


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