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Sacmi joins the Banca Etica

Solidarity and participation: values shared by this banking institute and the Imola-based cooperative

Responsibility, honesty, solidarity, participation, moderation and efficiency. These, then, are the values shared by the Banca Popolare Etica (Ethical Popular Bank) and, of course, its members. The Sacmi cooperative, an organisation in which solidarity and participation are the key founding principles, has chosen to become a member of this bank so as to contribute to the development of new types of enterprise that have economic and financial policies attentive to the needs of people and the environment.
In the knowledge that changes in the production system can generate wider-reaching benefits in society, both Sacmi and the Banca Etica are particularly attentive as regards social and environmental responsibility and are committed to the development of new organisational models and procedures at both national and international level.
Banca Etica was founded to put into practice the idea that a bank can act as a “bridge” between savers looking to make conscious, responsible investments and the promoters of social-economic projects that comply with sustainable development models in which wealth is generated and distributed according to the values of solidarity, honesty and the common good. As it is a banca popolare, it has characteristics that aid extended shareholding and stimulate the democratic participation in the decision-making process.


Corporate News

24-hour ASSISTANCE, the new SACMI service for Continua+lines
Initiative by the SACMI Customer Service Division to provide customers on the strategic Italian market with even closer support  >>

SACMI Packaging & Chocolate, tradition and innovation with a face to the future
The newly introduced Division, representing a new organisational model, is to promote and market the historical brands of the individual Group companies which have made history in the Italian chocolate and packaging industry.  >>

Sacmi focuses on the environment and acquires 100 per cent ownership of Eurofilter
The company - already the world's leading provider of environmental services to the ceramic industry and other sectors - is fully owned by Sacmi, opening up prospects for further consolidation and penetration of new markets and businesses  >>

Sacmi presents ‘super steel’ for moulds at the national AIM conference
Research was conducted by the Sacmi steel team together with Bologna University (DICAM and DIN departments).  >>


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