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Sacmi joins the Emilia-Romagna “Hi Mech” development district

The Sacmi cooperative joins the 130 industrial groups that are already members of this mechanical research and development network.

Eight networked laboratories (net-labs) spread throughout the region, 17 research areas, 675 researchers (of whom 222 were taken on just recently) from 4 universities, CNR and ENEA, the involvement of 130 industrial groups and financing to the tune of € 50 million: these are the figures summing up Hi Mech, the new high-tech mechanics development district of Emilia-Romagna that aims to provide companies with the opportunity to develop cutting-edge products. The project was presented on Tuesday 9th December at Pontecchio Marconi, in the province of Bologna, by the Minister of Education, Letizia Moratti, and the President of the Region of Emilia-Romagna, Vasco Errani. Sacmi participates actively in the district by, for example, working with the Automation net-lab, run by Claudio Bonivento of the University of Bologna. The research areas that this laboratory intends to focus on have application potential in both the automotive and robotic fields, as well as in surgery and domestic technology. “Sacmi is interested in possible applications concerning food quality control devices such as optical X-ray vision systems and gas sensors”, says Andrea Bresciani, the Group’s research manager, “and also in the development of very hard, wear-resistant metals for use in the ceramic industry”. Others have already declared their intention to work together with net-lab: they include Gd, Gruppo Fabbri, Selcom Elettronica, Tetrapak, Tmc, Magneti Marelli and Ima. Research in the Automation area involves the Universities of Bologna, Modena, Reggio Emilia and Parma and the Consortium for Industrial Process Development in Vignola. Some 150 people are currently employed in Net-lab research centres (professors, associates, researchers, post-grad students and scholarship holders); with the launch of the Hi-Mech district it is estimated that another one hundred people will be taken on.

Corporate News

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Sacmi presents ‘super steel’ for moulds at the national AIM conference
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