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Sacmi launches the new MVS360 vision system for 3D inspection of decorated metallic containers

To be previewed at the GulfCan Conference in Dubai (14-16 April 2015), this solution can inspect up to 2,500 containers a minute

With years of experience in the industry and dozens of cap and label quality control solutions installed all over the globe, Sacmi will be proud to present the new MVS360 at the GulfCan Conference, the international event to be held in the UAE capital of Dubai from 14 to 16 April 2015: the MVS360 is the metallic container version of the successful CVS360 and LVS360, respectively dedicated to the inspection of caps and labelled bottles.

“3D inspection of decorated cans & containers”: this, then, is the title of the talk that will be given by Sacmi, which is launching the new machine on the market following an analysis of the needs of can and other metal container manufacturers in both the beverage (beer, soft drinks and CSD) and food (e.g. tuna fish tins) industries. What makes the MVS360 system so unique is its ability to inspect the quality of the decoration directly on the line using 4 high-resolution colour cameras. This allows it to identify any defects (e.g. stains, imperfections such as colour variations or small scratches etc.) and simultaneously minimise the percentage of false rejects thanks to the precision with which the machine reconstructs the 2D image of the 3D container.

Total decoration control all around the can is supplemented by the system’s ability to recognise the specific decoration applied on the lot being produced. This is essential for avoiding problems that might be damaging to the manufacturer, such as incorrect or “mixed” decorations, a risk that increases with the frequent decoration changeovers needed to respond effectively to customer requirements.

From a process viewpoint – as Sacmi’s speakers will explain to the specialised operators attending the Dubai event – this latest solution differs substantially from current market alternatives. Decoration control does not occur on the pad inside the decorating machine but subsequently at its exit or during later processing stages down the line. This allows – against the complex product engineering made possible only by Sacmi know-how – an extension of quality control to cover the potential errors that might occur during later stages of container production.

The MVS360 provides excellent output performance. It can inspect and reject up to 2,500 containers a minute directly on the line, identifying, in addition to decoration defects, containers with mixed decorations. What really makes the difference – as with all Sacmi inspection solutions – is the CVS3000 software platform, characterised by a user-friendly operator interface that is common to all Sacmi brand vision systems; specially developed to enhance usability and interoperability, it has, for many years, been implemented successfully across the entire vison system range that Sacmi supplies to the beverage-packaging industry.


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