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Sacmi presents the new RKK two-channel roller kiln

New kiln characterised by advanced technology and futuristic design

The new RKK, presented to the international public at Tecnargilla 2006, retains the technical and aesthetic originality already appreciated on preceding versions and offers some important new features too.
On both channels the firing chambers have been raised so as to minimise any risk of interference between burner flame and transiting tile.
The structure has been redesigned to make maintenance tasks easier and improve the air seal during firing. Cooling has been both improved and made more powerful by introducing heat dissipation pipes in the slow cooling zone.
An energy-saving system can also be installed: using the hot air drawn off from the cooling zone, it allows the burners to be fed directly, thus generating considerable energy savings. All the piping can be split and the internal volumes of the kiln separated all the way to the outfeed so as to allow independent management of the two firing channels. The new two-channel kiln can be as wide as 2850 mm and 150 m long. Finally, the machine–user interface has been improved to make control easier and simpler.
Maximum reliability and practicality are also ensured by the following devices: Ray-type burner units that correct the dimensional defects which affect pieces close to the kiln wall; the Spinmark system that signals damage to the rollers and Iride, which uses infrared rays to detect tile temperature; the user-friendly Sailor supervision system allows for excellent process repeatability.
The machines made by Sacmi Forni have always been designed with the workplace and the wider, outdoor environment in mind. On the one hand, reduced noise and heat, as well as the removal of harmful materials, improve workplace conditions; on the other, optimisation of circuits and energy recovery systems reduce not only fuel consumption but also air pollution in the external environment.


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