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Sacmi’s EOS range to be showcased at Ecomondo

The EOS Ambiente 507 F equipped with the MULTINOSE system will be displayed alongside the innovative EOS Aroma 507 C and EOS 101.

Industrial, portable, and suitable for lab use: in other words, a complete range of versions belonging to Sacmi’s EOS series, the machine range that has greatly augmented the scope for odour measurement. Soon to be showcased at the Ecomondo fair in Rimini (5-8 November 2014, dedicated to new environmental technology), the EOS range now includes, as of 2013, the MULTINOSE system, the new accessory - compatible with both the EOS Aroma and the EOS Ambiente – that allows users to measure, with a single ‘electronic nose’, no less than 8 different odour sources with significantly increased efficiency and cost reduction.


Several solutions will be displayed, starting with the EOS Ambiente 507 F. This innovative production facility odour measuring machine can operate whatever the weather or climate (thanks to patented solutions introduced by Sacmi and an outdoor booth with IP44 protection rating) and recognise the olfactory ‘fingerprint’ of a specific odour at thresholds even below those of human perception. Where the optional MULTINOSE is installed, cutting-edge software (which can be highly personalised) lets the user set odour source scan order and frequency so as to optimise the process according to specific monitoring needs.


From the EOS Ambiente 507 F to the EOS Aroma 507 C model, designed to carry out advanced lab tests on products with delicate organoleptic qualities such as coffee, chocolate, tomatoes etc. An essential tool, then, for the food&agro industry and particularly useful for monitoring interactions between the products themselves and the primary packaging.


Sacmi, which for years has been engaged in the search for advanced solutions in the dynamic olfactory measurement field, has also developed a portable version of the electronic nose, the EOS 101; this is used directly in the field (for expert use, as and where required) to record the olfactory ‘fingerprint’ of a certain odour and measure its concentration. The last link, then, in a range that has specifically been designed for all those applications requiring detection of volatile aromatic components, thus ensuring extreme precision and reliability of results.


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