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Sacmi social audit, conference on 4th November

The first-ever Sacmi Social Audit provides a wealth of facts and figures on the cooperative’s commitment to the local community.

A special conference to accompany the release of Sacmi’s first-ever Social Audit, to be held on 4th November, was announced today at the Imola Town Hall. This event, to take place in Sacmi’s conference hall (in via Selice, 6 pm), is part of a series of initiatives by the Imola Town Council on the theme “How the utopia described by Adriano Olivetti can become reality”. The Sacmi Social Audit for the period 2001-2003 illustrates the cooperative’s commitment to the local community and its ethical business practices with all internal and external stakeholders. Over these three years the Sacmi Group set aside nearly € 2.7 million for various social projects and, during the same period, distributed 48.4% of its net added value – over € 118 million – to personnel and 6.6 % to cooperative members. Speakers at the Social Audit presentation will include Domenico Olivieri, Chairman of the Sacmi Cooperative, Chiara Ricciarelli, author of the book “Olivetti, a dream, an unwritten history”, Luciano Sita, Chairman of Granarolo and Impronta Etica, and Marisa Parmigiani, ScsAzioninnova sustainable economics division manager. A summary will be provided by Giuliano Poletti, the National Chairman of Legacoop.
The announcement at the Town Hall also illustrated how, fifty years ago, Adriano Olivetti (1901-1960) formulated an entrepreneurial model that, in an attempt to reduce the impoverishment enforced upon the community by the widespread mechanisation of production, re-defined the enterprise itself as an active and essential member of the community. His “utopia” has provided inspiration for promoters of ethical business practices and is one of the sources behind the social responsibility guidelines laid out in the European Union’s Green Book.
Sacmi’s history, policies and the figures laid out in its first Social Audit show that this desire to be part of the community runs deep and that its commitment to local economic and social development is long-standing.
The Audit covers a wide range of subjects yet places a certain focus on Sacmi’s employee health, safety and social security policies: these include free health cover for all employees, a pension fund (valued at € 1.4 million in 2003) that involves almost half the workforce and salaries higher than those provided for by standard (Ccnl) contracts.


Corporate News

Christmas 2017, practical action to safeguard the dignity of the needy
A supporter of educational, health and charitable institutions both locally and worldwide for many years, this Christmas Sacmi is taking the opportunity to help the Imola Red Cross assist the disabled. Moreover, as of today, the company canteen is also participating in the non-profit "No Waste" campaign.  >>

New “Internet of Things” lab, the Region rewards Sacmi's proposal
The project has passed “phase one” of the regional call to tender to attract investment. The goal: to build an Industry 4.0 research hub capable of acting as a bridge between the regional education system and the local small-medium enterprise community.  >>

New SACMI PH8200 Imola series: the smart pressing era begins
Over 150 international customers attended the presentation of the new Sacmi press. Thanks to Ethernet Powerlink field bus automation, this first “digital native” model of the Imola series provides advanced integrated diagnostics and remote services.  >>

Sacmi, new organisational set-up for the Chocolate business unit
Shake-up lays the foundations for further development of the chocolate sector, already the hub of the Group's Food Division.  >>


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