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Sacmi supplies Vitromex with Mexico's biggest press and kiln

Already a leading player on the local market, this Central American player has now purchased an all-new PH 10000 alongside a modern 5-tier drier and a kiln featuring EKO technology.

Mexican firm Vitromex has chosen the very best Made in Italy technology to complete a recent investment plan, which ambitiously aims to extend and complete the tile range towards high-end medium-large/large sizes. Now, a new Sacmi-supplied production line has successfully been installed and started up: this consists of a high tonnage PH 10000 press, alongside a modern 5-tier ECP 285 drier and an all-new EKO 355 single-channel roller kiln.

Part of the GIS (Grupo Industrial Saltillo) giant, which operates across a swath of industries (from automotive to construction and home tools), Vitromex,  this year celebrating the fiftieth anniversary since its foundation, sees its new PH 10000 join no less than 12 other Sacmi presses, purchased between 2000 and 2013. This latest line, which will produce large tiles was started up in the San Luis Portosì manufacturing facility.

The new PH 10000 press features the CRS system. This revolutionary Sacmi innovation reduces heavy mould (up to 15 tons) replacement times to mere fractions of an hour, with the task being performed in complete safety by just one worker. This solution is becoming ever-more popular with the world's leading ceramic industry players as its advantages really come to the fore in the handling of large-format moulds.

With 50 years of history behind it and 4 manufacturing plants located across the country, Vitromex accounts for over 20% of Mexican ceramic output, with a considerable portion being exported to the United States. With this latest investment decision, the company aims to extend its market penetration capabilities and achieve absolute leadership in the country. The Sacmi PH 10000 is, in fact, the first press of this type to be installed in Mexico; similarly, the EKO kiln, which has an intake width of 3550 mm, is currently the widest kiln in the country.

Outstanding plant engineering features also ensure excellent advantages in terms of layout and efficiency. On one hand, EKO technology allows, thanks to cross-flows, maximum temperature uniformity across the kiln width and, therefore, outstanding planarity and homogeneous density on the finished product. On the other hand, the same production line has been conceived to allow direct kiln feed after the pressing, drying and glazing stages, without any need for intermediate stocks. Last but not least, the on-press Sacmi CRS system ensures, of course, shorter size changeover times.


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