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Sacmi technology in the Caribbean - with Heavy Clay Rapido

Caribbean Roof Tile can now look to the entire American market

Caribbean Roof Tile might be described as an outpost of Sacmi-developed Italian technology. It’s main product is the one-piece S roof tile, much thinner than its European counterpart and without a profile which allows them to be interlocked. Then there are the extruded MISSION TILES, very similar, in this case, to European roof tiles but with a less accentuated curve.
The plant installed at Caribbean Roof Tile is the first to be established in Trinidad & Tobago for the production of one-piece roof tiles and mission tiles of this size, dried and fired in rapid cycles.
The company’s target markets are all the countries of the American continent, from Canada to Argentina.
From a technological viewpoint, Sacmi has opted for Heavy Clay Rapido technology, based on an innovative 3-tier 70 m-long roller drier and a tried and tested single-layer 110 m-long roller kiln with an 80’ cycle and a working temperature of 1200 °C.
This choice of technology was partially dictated by the raw materials, highly suitable for rapid drying and firing, and the shape of the products, which, being extruded, can be fed on rollers. It was also chosen because of the low tile thickness (no greater than 11 mm), a condition that in itself aids rapid cycle firing.
The result? Materials with excellent technical characteristics and a water absorption rating of less than 7%, a factor that has allowed Caribbean Roof Tile to pass the permeability tests required by the American marke.
Sacmi’s technological solution - which ensures output rates of about 13 million pieces per year, giving an overall total of 30,000 tons - has proved to be a winner because of the outstanding output capacity/thermal consumption ratio.

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