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Sacmi to present its flexible, modular KUBE range at Enomaq

The new KUBE K30 720 9T, able to produce up to 9000 bottles per hour with several gluing systems, has been designed specifically for the wine-making industry

The new range of KUBE labellers will play a pivotal role at Enomaq, Spain’s biggest fair for wine-making and bottling products. Scheduled to take place from 24 to 27 February in Zaragoza, the fair will see Sacmi participating with its own stand (hall 4, Calle D, stand 13-17) where visitors can enjoy a great opportunity to see the new KUBE K30 720 9T labeller in action.


The key features of the machine, specifically designed to label still and sparkling wine products, are maximum flexibility, precision and low cost. The solution showcased at the fair can produce up to 9000 bottles per hour and stands out on account of design features ranging from a fully stainless steel, fully modular structure to the presence of labelling units mounted outside the carousel to make machine use and maintenance easier.


At Enomaq, visitors will be able to observe three distinct labelling stations in action: two self-adhesive ones and a cold glue one. The first, the KUBE ADH 40, features a 400 mm reel holder and easy reel insertion thanks to vertical-load traction rollers; it also comes complete with paper break and reel end sensors plus electronic dual-drive paper traction. It is also adjustable according to the product type being processed (via 4 adjustment axes: vertical, depth, application angle and parallelism) and has manual settings with position indicators (programmable robotized axis adjustment for each bottle type is optional). The KUBE CG 3/3 cold glue labelling station is, instead, equipped with a fixed-magazine label loading system, micrometer-gauged glue distribution, and movement via a brushless motor; it features 2-axis adjustment (vertical, depth) according to format type; the station also offers manual adjustment with position indicators and, once again, optional robotic axes adjustment.


A key feature of this solution is, of course, its excellent flexibility. The carousel - with a diameter of 720 mm - can house a maximum of 5 stations (i.e. up to 5 separate applications for each single passage of the bottle through the machine), while customers can decide whether to have the machine provided with the labelling stations fixed (coupled to the carousel) or installed on modular carriages equipped with wheels and electromagnetic connectors to allow station interchange. The same labeller features an electronic-cam plate movement system on which motion can be programmed according to the type of application and also has a universal screw feeder, controlled by a brushless motor, for flexible, efficient handling of all bottle types (minimum diameter 60 mm, maximum 120 mm) without having to change the screw. Correct orientation of sparkling wine caps, on-glass relief branding or glass seams is ensured by Sacmi’s patented bottle positioning system, which operates using just one camera without having to multiply the number of sensors or replace them.


Last but not least comes the innovative electronic control system, with an electrical panel on the machine and a touch-screen control unit. The labeller also features user-friendly software and a remote control system that lets users monitor all the process parameters and identify any potential problems via a wide range of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.


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