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Safety and reliability with the new ATE 90

New machine installed in Vietnam: a real innovation for the local market

Successful installation of an ATE 90 spray drier was recently completed at a Vietnamese customer’s plant. The machine has been designed to run on low calorific value gas; fuel feed is managed by a special combustion chamber and the fuel is supplied by a fossil coal-fed control unit close to the plant.

The key advantage of this new installation – and one that sets it aside from the technologies generally used in Vietnam – is the high level of safety. The Sacmi solution, in fact, involves use of a pilot flame to ignite the burner: having a very low energy content, the flame can also be kept alight during routine operation, thus acting as a safety device to prevent the burner going out during production.

The Sacmi-made ATE 90 also features filters and cyclone separators that eliminate any humidity or residues from the gas, with positive effects on machine reliability. These devices, in fact, stop such “pollutant” elements reaching the burner, thus reducing maintenance requirements and lengthening the working life of the machine.


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