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Sama Maschinenbau presents the “user friendly” robot

The ROF 3 module is launched at Ceramitec – it's part of a range that is extremely efficient and practical to use

Nowadays robotic technology is used in tableware production particularly for the more complicated shapes, such as items with extremely acute angles and concave items with variable edge heights. Sama Maschinenbau, part of the Sacmi group, is specialised in designing machines and systems for the tableware sector and is in fact a market leader in the latest innovations at international level.

The advantages of Sama technology applied to robotics is noticeable especially in the characteristics of the latest generation of software developed for machine management. This allows for workers who are not expert in programming techniques to use the robots efficiently and has led to Sama robotics solutions becoming a benchmark for the tableware industry. Some of these solutions were demonstrated at Ceramitec, the international trade fair dedicated to machinery and raw materials in the ceramics sector.

It is very simple, in fact, for production line workers to achieve high quality results in a very short time even without any particular knowledge of software using these systems. The time taken for programming the machines is relatively brief and detailed modifications are not necessary for most tableware items. At the Ceramitic event in Munich, Sama put on a demonstration of the ROF 3 module – a robot used for edge finishing which has the characteristic of being mountable on traditional casting production lines as well as on pressure casting production lines.


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