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Samand Semnan – Iran

New double-firing plant

Samand Semnan has recently signed a contract with Sacmi for the supply of a rapid double firing plant with an output of 15,000 m²/day. The core of the grinding department consists of two continuous classifying mills, fed by an automatic, computerised, loading system that ensures high slip quality - an absolute novelty for the Iranian market. The plant also features a SACMI spray drier of the latest generation, with a tangential air inlet and redesigned distributor. This high output ATM has a fully automatic control system enhanced by cutting-edge software. Four presses complete with a mobile filler box feed system ensure maximum speed and reliability. This contract also includes horizontal driers and double layer kilns, again controlled by the latest software, with separate controls for each channel. For example, motor drive speed can be modified according to tile feed requirements, thus guaranteeing consistent product flow. These kilns may also be equipped with state-of-the-art burners that can be switched on and off directly via the control panel. A key feature of this double-channel kiln is the complete independence of the two channels, allowing them to be used for products with different characteristics and firing temperatures differences of up to 400°C (maximum firing temperature is 1250°C); this provides excellent output flexibility, allowing manufacturers to produce both double fire and porcelain tiles. SACMI kilns and driers are highly reliable, as the more than one thousand installations all over the world and the trust placed in Sacmi's products by a great many customers clearly show. The new MASTER sorting lines provide accurate tile classification and are extremely flexible, whatever the product being manufactured. MASTER features hard wearing mechanical and electrical components and standardised computers, thus allowing easy maintenance and rapid availability of spare parts on the local market. The sorting department is completely automatic and sorting lines are matched with the latest palletizers to ensure a high degree of automation at all stages of the process. This new plant, then, is set to become the most modern of its type in all Iran. Its aim is to produce the high quality products needed to satisfy ever-more sophisticated customer expectations both in Iran and neighbouring export markets.

Business News

Complete Sacmi-Nuova Sima storage line for Ce.Si. (Ceramica di Sirone)
Latest-generation LGV (laser guided vehicle) loading-unloading units together with a new digital printer installed and tested at Ce.Si.  >>

Large washbasins and console basins, Duravit chooses Sacmi ADI
New Sacmi casting cell, characterised by outstanding efficiency and compactness, successfully installed and started up at the Hornberg-based company.  >>

Sacmi DECOCAP 360-3D and ULYSSE win over a can-making multinational
Brand new cap inspection systems developed by the Sacmi Automation & Inspection Systems Division tested successfully at a company’s Spanish plant. The world's first solution for total inspection of decorated twist-off caps.  >>

Sacmi supplies Catalan Ceramics with the largest press in Vietnam
A South-East Asian player that is already the leader on the local market recently purchased a complete glazed ceramic tile plant from Sacmi.  >>


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