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Seramiksan continues to grow with Sacmi

This key Turkish producer has now started up a second double fire wall tire line

Seramiksan, eager to expand on national and international markets, has once again invested in Sacmi technology. This Turkish company has, in fact, just started up a second all-Sacmi double fire wall tile line. Capable of producing 9000 square metres of tiles per day, this new plant features two PH2890 presses, an EMS2350 drier and a twin-channel 81.9-metre RKK250 kiln. And that’s not all: the Seramiksan factory is also being equipped with a new single fire floor tile production line consisting of six PH2890 presses, four EVA992 vertical driers and two 109-metre RKK2400 kilns. Total output capacity will be 28,800 m2 per day. Thanks to these new investments, this Turkish company, which began producing in 1994, will have 3 single fire floor tile production lines and 2 double fire wall tile production lines. Sacmi-supplied technology will allow Seramiksan to achieve an annual output of 20 million square metres and so become one of the top five producers in Turkey.


Business News

Duravit Ceramics, third Riedhammer kiln supplied to Egyptian plant
New shuttle kiln, which joins existing sanitaryware firing/re-firing machines, successfully tested.  >>

Leading Vietnamese PET firm purchases new Sacmi PVS-3 preform inspection machine
One of the country's leading container, PET preform and plastic cap manufacturers goes for the reliability offered by this latest Sacmi solution, which allows direct, on-line total quality control at high speeds.  >>

North America and the Caribbean, the water market goes for Sacmi CCM
Major order from Puerto Rican firm PET Plastics, which has purchased a complete system capable of processing up to 2,000 caps per minute, with higher quality performance, lower costs and increased process efficiency.  >>

Charu Ceramic Bangladesh gets output boost from Sacmi-Riedhammer
Great Wall Group company supplied with 2 new HWS shuttle kilns and a TWS tunnel kiln to ensure their success on the high-end ceramic sanitaryware market  >>


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