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Serenissima, time ripe for strategic investments

First-class solutions provided by Sacmi for development of some of the most renowned brands of the group

Serenissima, amongst the worldwide leaders in the production and marketing of ceramic wall and floor tiles, has chosen Sacmi as its partner in making substantial investments in some of its most important production facilities.  The supply contract concluded with the firm founded by Sir Lamberto Romani – who still  presides together with his sons Giorgio and Paolo, heading the various brands – in particular includes two new roller kilns and two next generation DWD machines (Digital Wet Decoration), part of the innovative range premiered by Sacmi at the last Tecnargilla trade fair.

The first roller kiln will be installed at the Cerasarda manufacturing plant in Olbia. Cerasarda is the luxury brand of the Serenissima group specialized in the production of high-end ceramic tiles, interior design accessories and homeware. Cerasarda, which recently inaugurated its new manufacturing plant in the industrial park in Olbia, can now count on a flexible innovative machine that can be frequently switched on and off in a trouble-free manner. The kiln – a medium sized model – in fact represents the result of an ambitious Sacmi Forni project geared to the world of handcrafted products, extremely important in Sardinia.

The second roller kiln supplied by Sacmi, in this case a 120-meter FMS 2230 model -  will be installed at Cercom in Filo d’Argenta (Ferrara). This company is part of the Serenissima group which produces full-body porcelain stoneware for technical applications in the commercial, industrial, interior design and urban furnishing sectors.    Being the first machine equipped with all the XTR energy saving systems developed by Sacmi installed in Italy, the kiln will allow Cercom to boost production practically without varying fixed energy costs.

Lastly the parent company of the group, based in Casalgrande (Reggio Emilia).
After a PH 5000 press for large tile sizes has been installed, a second DWD machine (digital wet decoration) will be installed in one of the factories in the Reggiano district.
This extremely innovative versatile machine combines high performance in digital decoration in terms of resolution and graphic development with outstanding efficiency and ease-of-use giving the customer a strong competitive edge.

The Serenissima group – with its Cir, Cerasarda, Capri, Cercom, Momo Design brands – is an undisputed market leader in the production of high-end wall and floor tiles. Thanks to these investment decisions, it has proven once again to be a dynamic and innovative company, with an innate desire to implement ambitious future-oriented projects.  Focusing on quality, production efficiency and energy savings -  that are some of the distinctive features of the solutions offered by Sacmi – Serenissima group’s response to these hard times faced by the economy and the ceramics business is an important sign for the entire Sassuolo district, which, thanks to strategies adopted by some of its leading companies, is getting ready to benefit from the first signs of market recovery.


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