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Seven technologically advanced production lines for Conserve Italia

Sacmi Packaging supplied a 6.5 Million euro plant

An extraordinary plant capable of packing tin cans of all imaginable sizes quickly that is flexible and completely automated.   Designed by Sacmi Packaging this one–of–a–kind plant has recently been sold to the European market leader for fruit and vegetable processing Conserve Italia, for its factory in Pomposa, in the province of Ferrara. Seven technologically advanced production lines for a total of 6,5 million  Euros, each one running at a packaging speed that ranges from 6 thousand to 36 thousand pieces per hour, depending on the size.
The Packaging Division of the Imola based firm supplied Conserve Italia know how to transform - in record times and with excellent results in terms of quality - the canned products into labelled and palletized packages of various sizes from 250 grams to 5 Kg.
.  In fact, the plant is able to adapt itself to the customer's marketing requirements, to personalise the products when labelled and pack them differently according to the requirements while, at the same time, assuring efficient product traceability.
Thirteen anthropomorphic robots are utilized in all the lines:  completely automated machines with arms capable of lifting up to  600 kilograms which have been streamlined in terms of flexibility  and  ”intelligence”.
A specific laser guided vehicle loads the various palletization isles.    The laser guided vehicles (shuttles) are “intelligent”: they have been designed by  Sacmi Packaging staff to optimize the paths, keeping its autonomy (battery charge level) under control.  When the rechargeable batteries run down, the vehicles go to the charging station, "inform" the operator and then immediately go back to full operation.
“The remarkable feature of this plant is its elevated automation and flexibility  – explains Roberto Marcheselli, Managing Director of Sacmi Packaging – All the operator has to do is feed the product at the start of production after which the product is packed and directly reaches the automatic magazine while personnel do not have to do anything else.
Sacmi Packaging is a joint stock company  specialized in designing, developing and selling complete systems for product packaging, labeling and palletization. Vast experience, use of avant-garde technology and being part of the Sacmi Group has allowed Sacmi Packaging to supply plants for a wide variety of products in different market segments. With a turnover of more than 144 million euro, the Packaging Division of the SACMI group has concentrated its core business in the Food&Beverage market segment, supplying its customers its know how for the handling phase of production.


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