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Tata Refractories Limited and Sacmi

A proven partnership

TATA REFRACTORIES LTD., the biggest and most important refractories manufacturer in India and one of major manufacturers of the world, is in these days starting to production its last 1600 ton SACMI press.
With this new start-up, TATA has brought its project of machines fleet modernizing and enlarging  in its factory of Belpahar to its conclusion.
In the span of about four years, i.e. from May 2002 when the first contract for the supply of presses was signed, till March 2006, old presses have been scrapped and seven new SACMI high performance 1600 ton hydraulic presses have been installed.
The present production of pressed articles has thereby passed to more than 200,000 ton per year, in comparison with roughly 100,000 ton produced in 2001.
The Belpahar factory manufactures both basic bricks, most of all dolomite, and high alumina and silica bricks.
The continuous expansion which TATA REFRACTORIES is realising in the markets, has recently led the company to establish a partnership with the Indian firm “MEENA AGENCY”, in its factory in GUJARAT, for the production of alumina bricks for the western markets, the Indian and the non-Indian markets. Once again a 1600 ton SACMI press was installed and started up in this plant.

This company, recently established, with its production unit in the Liaoning Province, represents the strategic investment of TATA REFRACTORIES in order to widen its basic products range.
The Chinese plant will start its manufacturing within the end of the present year, in its first stage, with a production of 30,000 ton per year of basic bricks including MgC and DBMC bricks.
The doubling of the plant production capacity is expected within a couple of years.

No better occasion then to consolidate the cooperation and mutual confidence relations between TATA and SACMI than the signing of an additional contract for the supply of one more press, with an option for a second one to be supplied within 2008.
In line with TATA requirement of manufacturing high quality products by the use of totally reliable machinery as regards accuracy and working continuity, the choice once more fell on a SACMI 1600 ton press, with proportional hydraulics, equipped with the most modern devices for cycle self-control, PROFIBUS and self-diagnosis.


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