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Technological innovation, certified quality, ties to the community

An assessment by Mauro Ferri, Sacmi’s quality and safety manager Sacmi, in an interview with Tüv Sud Journal

The certification of quality? “An opportunity in terms of both internal organisation and the approach to the market”. This, then, is the viewpoint of Mauro Ferri, Sacmi’s quality and safety manager, as expressed in an interview with Tüv Sud Journal, the periodical published by Tüv Italia, the leading supplier of certification, inspection and training services. “As early as the 1990s”, explains Ferri, “the development of international competition was already making standardisation essential”. Environmental and safety certification would soon follow - and at Sacmi they were key issues long before the relative standards came into force.

Thanks to a solid partnership with Tüv Italia, a partnership that has, in recent years, gone from strength to strength, Sacmi has invested heavily in product safety, thus generating considerable customer-perceived added value; moreover, the customer is always fully informed on the measures adopted by Sacmi to ensure a result that complies, of course, with regulations, but also aims to satisfy the needs of an ever-more complex, competitive market. At the same time there has also been heavy investment in infrastructure: “Another significant aspect that has helped the company in the certification process”, explains Ferri to Tüv Sud Journal, “is the heavy infrastructural investment of the last 15 years. Having a company that meets the very best quality, health and safety requisites is far easier when the key investments needed to achieve such goals can be made”.

With nearly ninety years of corporate history behind it, Sacmi currently heads a strongly internationalised Group with over 3500 employees that sells machines and complete plants all over the world. Given this scenario, observes Ferri, “the sale of spare parts represents a sort of insurance policy on profitability”. The underlying logic is continuous investment in cutting-edge technology– such as compression technology for the Plastics business – to ensure that the Group’s economic values of financial solidity are blended with company values such as attentiveness to quality and the final customer.

To meet the challenge of the Far East markets, Sacmi has bolstered its internationalisation strategy by establishing local sales organisations and production facilities in the firm conviction that, as Ferri observes, “many processes can still be carried out in Europe to ensure maximum quality. Processes aimed at the internal Asian markets will also be required, more and more”, points out Sacmi’s quality and safety manager, ”to focus their attention on quality”.
Investment, internationalisation, attention to foreign markets: goals that are far from incompatible, then, that allow the bulk of production – and the ‘head’ of the Group – to be kept in Italy. “For us the one thousand Imola workers will always be our bedrock” concludes Ferri, “and are the very reason for which we exist, first as a cooperative, then as a Group. The strong ties with the home community are clearly demonstrated by our ancillary activities: most of our suppliers are, in fact, still located in Imola and Emilia-Romagna”.


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