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Technology and design: the key to success for Carle & Montanari

Resounding success at ProSweets Cologne. Particular acclaim for the new FV vertical cooler with its revolutionary design and the new HFI 518 five-roll refiner.

Carle & Montanari’s reception at the ProSweets international trade fair in Cologne, held from 1-4 February, surpassed all expectations, a sign that the chocolate market is thriving. It also showed that the decision to ensure a strong presence at a fair that brought together machinery manufacturers and chocolate producers under one roof was ambitious and far-sighted. Lastly, it was a sign that innovation and technological excellence pay, and that the market rewards companies like Carle & Montanari, which for over a century has been manufacturing leading-edge machinery and providing turnkey, fully integrated solutions for the chocolate industry, right from the processing of the raw materials to the packaging of the finished product.

Without doubt, the international customers at the fair gave a particularly warm reception to the new HFI 518 five-roll refiner, a state-of-the-art solution for refining chocolate, compounds and similar masses. In addition to its well-known qualities of precision and reliability, the new model combines technical innovation to increase capacity, accessibility and ease of cleaning, with greatly reduced maintenance times, thanks to the new layout of the refining cylinders and power train. The new software for dry-run protection also received a great deal of attention. The HFI 518 attracted the interest of visitors from all over the world including Russia, Turkey, the Balkan countries, North Africa and South America.

As the heads of Carle & Montanari explain, it was a fairly simple matter to meet potential customers at ProSweets Cologne, given that exhibitors of chocolate-based products and chocolate-processing machines were gathered together at one event. But what made the biggest difference for the Sacmi Group company was its capacity to amaze, with its technology, and to excite, with its innovation and design. This related in particular to the new vertical cooler for the moulding lines in the CAVEMIL series. Extremely flexible and modular, the new cooler can accommodate any type of mould, from individual ones for flat-bottomed products (both the narrowest version for pralines and the widest for use with two rows of chocolate bars) to twin machines for chocolate eggs, balls and figures.
This flexibility means that customers can maximise their investment by taking full advantage of the moulding line’s capacity and thereby avoiding costly down time due to the seasonality of certain products. The line can be used, in turns, to produce the staple items e.g. pralines, small chocolates and bars, and more seasonal items such as eggs or figures, without compromising its overall efficiency.
However, what attracted visitors at ProSweets most of all was the highly innovative design of this new cooler: the first ever example of industrial design in the chocolate industry – which has always been extremely pragmatic – at once improving performance, productivity and reliability.
Carle & Montanari’s wanted to show its customers that this product marks a new focus on design in its solutions.  As the saying goes: looks matter.

Thus Carle & Montanari’s strong presence in Cologne enabled it to reaffirm two concepts on which the company’s industrial policy is founded. Namely, to always provide new solutions aimed at improving product quality and better satisfying market requirements. This was, therefore, an opportunity to show customers not only state-of-the art machines but also turnkey solutions for everything from the processing of raw materials to the packaging stage. Each phase of the production process is managed by machines specially designed by Carle & Montanari and Carle & Montanari Packaging, making the company the only competitor in the world in this business that can claim to be a “sole supplier” of complete solutions, responsible for the whole process and able to guarantee customers quality of output.

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