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The ‘sweet smell’ of Sacmi technology at Ecomondo 2016

Sacmi’s EOS 507 range - capable of operating under extreme conditions and already widely appreciated by major Italian and international firms and environmental monitoring agencies – to play a starring role.

Over 103,000 visitors and its pivotal role as a showcase for public and private research into the ‘green economy’ and the raw material/energy re-usage fields make Ecomondo a key event for technology suppliers. Needless to say, the latter include the Sacmi Group, which will be heading to Rimini Fiera (8-11 November 2016) to showcase the latest developments in its EOS range, the odorous emissions measurement solution that- thanks to the major technological innovations of recent years, growing public awareness and changing legislation- is generating growing interest and market acclaim.

EOS507 Ambiente, the only electronic nose for in-the-field measurement
Thanks to the over 10 years of steady machine development since the first versions appeared, the EOS range of ‘noses’ is able to carry out real-time odour measurements both in the lab and in the field. Outstanding EOS range features include high sensitivity to emissions from different odorous sources (organic waste, fossil fuels, ceramic plants, farms etc.): for some chemicals, that sensitivity is measured in parts per billion. Different sources can be recognised and classified with 90% accuracy and it is possible to effect repeatable quantitative measurements with results that are stable over time.

Protagonists in Italy and beyond
The EOS range has attracted the attention of several national and international bodies. The former include many environmental protection agencies (the regional Arpa agencies) which have given Sacmi the task of monitoring odour emissions at major sites with high environmental impact. Likewise, Sacmi has supplied Italy’s biggest petrochemical district with a one-of-kind "electronic noses network" for measuring odours at a major national mining hub.
This Made in Italy technological excellence has also attracted the interest of many international players - both in industry and within public monitoring agencies – who are keen to learn more about the specifications and benefits of the solutions developed by Sacmi’s Automation & Service Division.

Different versions, one goal
EOS models are available in both "indoor" versions and "outdoor" versions for in-the-field monitoring in any climate or environment; they are used to monitor odours that are not necessarily dangerous to health but nevertheless have a considerable impact on nearby communities.
The Sacmi solution is a forward-looking one, designed not just to help manufacturers comply with increasingly strict regulations (such as the recent EU directive that classifies and standardises the "odorous emissions" concept) but also, and above all, to sustain their need for an increased social acceptability of certain industrial activities (mining, which involves the disposal and recycling of waste, agro-industrial processing etc.) and so ensure proper implementation of corporate social responsibility in all sectors.

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