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The Fincibec Group puts its trust in automatic EkoRoll packagers by Sacmi-Nuova Fima.

Vittorio Borelli, Managing Director of the Fincibec Group: “EkoRoll provides significantly increased efficiency when it comes to handling large tiles”.

EkoRoll provides a prompt response to complex cardboard forming problems, in terms of both required raw material quantities and productivity", stated Vittorio Borelli, Fincibec Group CEO, as he explained the reasons behind an investment that has resulted in the installation of two new automatic packaging machines at the plants in Sassuolo and Roteglia (Century ceramic).

EkoRoll is the ideal solution for managing particularly large tiles and provides raw material (and therefore cost) savings of up to 60%. Developed by Sacmi-Nuova Fima out of an innovative design concept consisting in the replacement of pre-printed blanks with rolls of cardboard that are then cut and formed in real time, ensuring 100% perimeter protection of the tile stack, especially the corners.

“Our main goal”, explains Borelli, “was to boost sorting department efficiency and productivity, starting with the manufacture of large formats where sorting line and logistics efficiency is a key competitiveness factor”.
With EkoRoll, in fact, the client only has to manage a simple roll of cardboard which, after being cut and formed via a die-cutting system integrated on the machine is then fed to the printer to apply the relative corporate brands and logos.

EkoRoll allows formats to be processed on both feed sides, from a minimum of 200 mm to up to a maximum of 1200 mm. To be noted that it is also possible to customise the system to package special items such as large slabs.

In addition to cardboard cost savings, other benefits include rationalization of stocks, which now consist only of plain rolls without any size or brand-related restrictions.

Lower waste and disposal costs, optimised consumption of raw materials such as cardboard and glue and the assured quality of products of high unit value such as large slabs: these are the main advantages that resulted in the Fincibec Group’s decision to purchase the new Ekoroll. A key order, then, thanks to which Sacmi confirms its status as the perfect all-round industrial partner for the design and production of efficiency-enhancing automation solutions for every stage of the process, from the press to warehouse logistics.


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