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WORLD PM2016 Congress & Exhibition

The latest from SACMI in Hamburg, Germany, from 9th to 13th of October 2016

The Powder Metallurgy World Congress & Exhibition organized and sponsored by the European Powder Metallurgy Association (EPMA) is an essential destination for the international PM community to meet its suppliers, producers and end-users and to discover the latest innovations in the state-of-the-art PM technology.
This biennial event is held in Europe every six years only and it is therefore the mostly awaited gathering for both the industry and academy: the perfect occasion for networking and tightening professional and personal relationships.

In 2010 in Florence, the last World PM held in Europe, SACMI was just walking the first steps in the powder metal industry and presenting the audience its first PM press at an event held in SACMI IMOLA premises.
Six years after, SACMI has widened its offerings ranging from presses and automation up to high-temperature furnaces and has established itself as a major player in the supply of PM equipment: over the last four years, in fact, more than 50 units have successfully been commissioned in 10 different countries on 4 continents, all of them efficiently served by the SACMI GROUP’s many local branches.

At its booth in Hamburg, SACMI team will welcome the audience presenting the latest developments in pressing and firing technologies.
Among them: the innovative hydraulic circuits based on two closed-loop controlled pressure lines fed by variable-speed drives and fixed-displacement pumps that provides lower energy consumption with reductions in the order of 15 - 40 % depending on production conditions.
Or the new Assisted Programming Interface (API) that drastically reduces the press programming and tuning times thank to an integrated graphical interface that automatically generates the best pressing curves based on the geometrical characteristics of the piece and allows operators to crosscheck the results with a user-friendly cycle simulator even before starting the production.

On Monday morning visitor should as well not miss the paper presented by the University of Trento, “Study Of The Behaviour Of Low Alloy Steel Powder During Uniaxial Cold Compaction By Means Of Single Action Tests”, result of months of testing in collaboration with SACMI’s laboratory.

Events News

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“Go Fast, Go Future”. 12th SACMI Sanitaryware Meeting to be held on 24 September
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SACMI invites the visitors present at Tecnargilla to take part in the seminar held at SALA RAVEZZI 2 on 27th September 2018, at 2.00 pm.
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