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With the Sacmi-Gaiotto GDA80, glazing process excellence is guaranteed

Improved quality and process repeatability plus, above all, maintenance costs reduced by up to 90%. These are the key features of the new ceramic sanitaryware glazing gun, already successfully tested in over 80 companies worldwide

Constant repeatability of glazing tasks and total control of all process parameters, ensuring uniform glaze distribution. Above all, though, maintenance needs have been cut by 90%, thus ensuring a price-quality ratio that is (according to tests carried out in over 80 plants all over the globe) better than anything offered by competitors’ solutions.

This is the new Gaiotto Diaphragm Automatic Gun (GDA80), the ceramic sanitaryware glazing gun developed by Gaiotto – the Sacmi Group company that specialises in industrial and process automation – which is currently demonstrating unrivalled potential when it comes to responding to customers’ precise needs: higher quality glaze application, cost optimisation, increased system reliability.


Industrial tests carried out on five continents – from Turkey to Algeria, from Korea to Vietnam, from Mexico to the USA, Thailand and, of course, Italy – have shown the device to be extremely reliable (in practice, the one low-cost membrane needs replacing just once a year). Thanks to lower maintenance costs and greater reliability (as revealed by the accounts of several customers to whom Sacmi has supplied this solution), the investment can be amortized in just one year. 


This result has been achieved thanks to several new technical features. Firstly, elimination of the gun-closing needle drastically reduces the problems of both wear and simple nozzle clogging. Secondly, spraying parameter stability is greater by enhanced product atomisation (up to 50% better compared to competitors’ solutions) thanks to a cap with wider air through-holes (a feature that may, in some cases, allow utilisation of one gun instead of two). These significant design advances are accompanied by improved compactness (bulk is reduced by 25%) thanks to the swivel ‘wrist’; the latter also enhances manoeuvrability of the device by the robot, therefore allowing even the most remote corners of the piece to be reached.

Supplied with nozzles sized from 0.5 to 2.7 mm and made of top-grade materials (stainless steel body, tungsten carbide and steel nozzle, anodized aluminium cap), the GDA80 is CE and Atex certified to work in explosive environments. A further guarantee, then, for customers who, by placing their trust in Sacmi-Gaiotto solutions, achieve robotized glazing system excellence and consequently boost their product quality and market competitiveness.


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