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An innovative Sacmi-developed inspection system

Advantages and features of the CHS cap inspection system

Sacmi has launched an innovative, flexible and modular inspection system that meets its customers’ most complex quality controls needs.
We asked Fabrizio Dematté, Manager of Sacmi’s Inspection Systems Business unit, to explain just what constitutes the ‘added value’ of this new product.
“The innovation of this solution, compared to others already provided by Sacmi, lies in complete inspection of both injection and compression-made caps – internal and external – at output rates of up to 2000 pcs/minute. This result is achieved by inserting the CHS along the production line or by using it as a stand-alone inspection unit for the resolution of problems in the production cycle or management of returns by the customer in the event of disputes”.

The CHS is also characterised by its flexibility: the availability of a wide range of models makes it highly suited to all cap quality control requirements and a vast range of in-line configurations.
“Solutions of this type”, continues Dematté, “were already present on the market at very small-scale plant engineering level. With the CHS system, the original idea developed by Sacmi was that of producing a flexible range of industrial-scale products that could be adapted to a comprehensive range of application requirements, even the most complex. A modular approach to design was taken, the aim being to guarantee the customer outstanding value and the ability to expand the investment in the future. In addition to the cameras - variable in number to ensure from 1 to 4 image captures - the CHS can also be fitted with the new ‘spark tester’ module that allows, with injection-moulded caps, detection of the micro-holes invisible to traditional vision systems”.

As regards costs, Dematté highlights the fact that the modularity of the CHS system is also reflected in the price list. There are several configurations, which differ in terms of both the number and type of camera used, and various cap handling systems, which have been designed to optimise both the quality of the inspection and facilitate placement of the CHS in the plant. All configurations ensure the very best price/performance ratio and, therefore, an excellent return on investment for the customer.

The market instantly recognised the worth of the new system: since the launch of the first prototype on the market at the start of 2009, some forty units have been sold all over the world – to the enormous satisfaction of the customers involved.
The CHS system, then, offers further proof of just how much Sacmi, through its ongoing R&D work, is in touch with market needs. It also highlights an extraordinary capacity to offer innovative solutions with high added value. The entire range of Sacmi Inspection Systems has been designed and developed to ensure the highest qualitative standards; that goal has been achieved thanks also to CVS inspection software - installed in over two thousand systems worldwide and now the benchmark product for inspection machines on the beverage & packaging market.


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