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EOS, the self-powered “electronic nose”

At the Ecomondo fair Sacmi will present the new EOS 912 Olfactory system

A decisive step forward for Sacmi’s odour measuring solutions. Just as a new European directive is being discussed (this will complement EN 13725:2003 and establish validation criteria for electronic equipment so it can be used for environmental monitoring purposes, thus setting a clear standard for such instruments in terms of characteristics and measurement accuracy), Sacmi is getting ready to attend the international Ecomondo fair in Rimini (3-6 November 2015) with the new EOS 912; already presented at the 2014 edition of the fair, this unit has innovative features in terms of energy savings and can, therefore, operate whatever the environmental conditions, even in the absence of a constant mains power supply.

The strength of the EOS 912 lies in the unique configuration of the catalyst, the component that is, essentially, needed to produce a "clean" air flow. Compared to the previous model (EOS 507), the catalyst does not operate "continuously" but, rather, only for a time strictly necessary to ensure proper operation of the machine and, therefore, adequate accuracy. The result: average consumption has dropped from 300-350 W to just a tenth of that, 30-40 W.

The main target customers for this solution are regional environmental protection agencies. Already a provider to ARPA Emilia-Romagna, in fact, Sacmi aims to establish partnerships with other national/regional agencies thanks to the competitive advantages of the new EOS that, in addition to being designed (like its predecessor) to work in any outdoor environment or weather, also lets users side-step the problem of inaccessible areas where power supplies cannot be relied on. In such cases the machine will, in fact, be powered by solar panels in conjunction with fuel cells and a buffer battery; thanks to very low power consumption, the new machine can provide reliable performance even in the absence of a traditional power supply and/or the absence of sunlight for as long as 24-48 hours.

Available, like the previous model, in both an indoor and outdoor version, the EOS system is characterized both by outstanding stability – a must when operating continuously at variable temperature/humidity levels – and high sensitivity, that is, the ability to measure even very diluted odours at very low olfactory thresholds.

The EOS 912, like the previous EOS 507, continually monitors the olfactory impact of a plant/facility by way of suitable algorithms, not only in proximity to the various sources within a plant/facility itself, but also via receptors located a considerable distance away. The instrument is, in fact, equipped with both an MOS sensor chamber (assisted by an electrical signal processing system that recognises the "olfactory footprint" of a particular odour and quantifies its concentration) and an ambient air suction/treatment system that stabilises sensor response regardless of environmental conditions.

This solution is not just aimed at public bodies or agencies responsible for carrying out checks and inspections. It is also intended for direct use by the controlled companies themselves, generally those with potentially "odorous" activities such as solid waste landfills, aerobic digestion plants, compost production sites and anaerobic digestion plants for the production of energy from renewable sources; the field of application also extends to petrochemical companies (where products are produced or refined from oil, another odorous organic substance). By acquiring such instruments, such companies have a vital tool for engaging with those communities their activities might have an impact on. However, Sacmi’s EOS solution has far wider potential and can, in fact, be used in any other type of production where detection of a specific odour or measurement of a certain concentration (just think of food or cosmetics) might provide a good indication of proper operation of the manufacturing process.


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