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Ecomondo 2015, good global feedback on Sacmi’s new EOS technology

Consumption ten times lower than the previous technology and the ability to operate in all weathers and climates. These are the key traits of the new EOS 912

Seemingly science fiction or, rather, until just a few years ago, a simple curiosity, the collective interest of the world’s countries in the subject of emissions – pollutants, of course, but also those “odorous” emissions that can have just as much impact on daily lives in communities where they exist – has now grown considerably: this growing interest is reflected in both legislation and the degree of interest in technologies able to measure the concentration (and therefore provide a basis for effective control) of odours produced by economic and manufacturing activities.

Confirmation of this arrives from Ecomondo 2015, the international fair held in Rimini from 3 to 6 November 2015, dedicated to the recovery and reutilisation of raw materials and energy, Here, Sacmi presented its latest “electronic nose” model, the EOS 912. The outcome of over ten years of research and development (following the creation of the first EOS versions), this machine stands out on account of an energy consumption that is ten times lower than on the previous version, thus allowing operation even under extreme conditions (thanks to an innovative machine operation mechanism, a sort of “start&stop” function designed to ensure good measuring accuracy): in other words, it can work in the absence of a continuous electricity supply where solar panels and a buffer battery are used.

Another source of satisfaction with the Rimini fair – explain the technical and sales managers of the Sacmi Automation Division – stems not only from the huge interest in the new machine, currently undergoing testing, but also from feedback obtained from primary international players interested in both odorous emissions control and, consequently, the best technology the market can offer for proceeding with in-the-field monitoring (similarly, the EOS 912, like previous versions, will be available as both an indoor and outdoor version). In short, odour emissions control is a subject of increasing importance not just at national and European level but also as regards world markets (especially the Far East), and it’s happening at a speed that would have been unthinkable even at the start of the century.

Sacmi has a growing list of references at national level as both a supplier to key ARPA branches (the Italian Regional Environmental Protection Agencies) and – and this is the most important development – as partner to major private companies (in practice, the “controlled” parties); the latter have good reason to equip themselves with cutting-edge tools for the effective control of their processes and so boost their social acceptance within communities that host their manufacturing activities.

An example: Sacmi’s development of a true “electronic nose network”, the first of its kind in the world, featuring eight such devices that monitor a major petrochemical complex.

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