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Sacmi-made electronic noses at Nose 2012, Palermo

International event on environmental odour control/monitoring systems from 23rd to 26th September

The ability to measure odours accurately will be ever-more important in the fight against environmental pollution. Electronic ‘noses’ are a key tool in this struggle and represent one of the most advanced technologies to be developed by Sacmi. In addition to laboratory olfactory systems for foodstuffs, the Group has also invested in automatic control systems for the continuous monitoring of environmental odour emissions, developing and producing the Eos Ambiente machine.

The developments within this field of technology will be presented by Sacmi at Nose 2012, at the third International Conference on Environmental Monitoring and Control, to be held from 23rd to 26th September in Palermo, at the NH Hotel. The Group will also be setting up an info-point to illustrate the machines and provide informative materials.

In this sector, the challenge is to provide objective measuring tools. The Eos control system for the monitoring of odour emissions can be installed outdoors directly near areas with a high olfactory impact, allowing the user to carry out continuous, automatic recognition of odour sources and calculation of specific odour concentrations.
While, in general, exposure to strong unpleasant odours does not in itself constitute a direct health risk, it does have negative effects, ranging from heightened stress to physical symptoms that, over time, can become true pathologies. The emissions that cause the greatest impact are, above all, those produced by factories located near residential areas.

This event, promoted and organised by Aidic (the Italian association of chemical engineering), will focus on recent developments in establishing standards for the assessment of exposure to odours, developments in the optimisation and standardization of sampling and measuring methods and, of course, on control and abatement strategies.

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