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Sacmi presents its NIR technology on the TV show ‘Piazza Grande’

Dario Beltrandi illustrates the potential of the ‘NIR case’ and ‘NIR gun’ on national TV (RAI 2)

Sacmi’s NIR-based quality control units got a showing on the small screen when the General Manager of the Sacmi Group’s Automation and Control Systems Division, Dario Beltrandi, was a guest on the RAI 2 program Piazza Grande. Beltrandi showed viewers how NIR technology works and illustrated the two units that allow its application. First he demonstrated the NIR Case, the portable unit that allows the characteristics of most fruits to be analysed in just under a second. Then came the NIR Gun, a very lightweight, manageable hand-held control instrument used by technicians in the field to study ripening curves as the fruit grows on the tree and also by warehouse technicians to check for proper conservation during storage.
NIR technology can be used to evaluate the quality of every kind of fruit, from strawberries and water melons to tropical fruits - and without in any way damaging the fruit itself. Currently-used instruments, instead, require long, laborious procedures and also involve the destruction of a significant proportion of the sampled fruit. NIR Case measures characteristics such as sweetness, acidity, degree of ripening and internal defects without damaging the product, thus guaranteeing the quality of the fruit that ends up on consumers’ dining tables. Very often, fruits will have a similar external appearance but some, in fact, can hide internal defects that only the NIR will detect. During the program Mr. Beltrandi went on to explain that the overall ‘tastiness’ of the fruit depends on a correct balance of organoleptic parameters, which can only be detected with NIR units.

Corporate News

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