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A bathroom furnishing revolution with Sacmi Team

Rotfil wins the ADI Ceramics Design Award for its ‘sintered tile’ from the HoM line, developed thanks to Sacmi Team twin press technology

The Ceramic Design Awards - born out of cooperation between ADI (Industrial Design Association) and Cersaie to acknowledge some of the truly innovative products made by the Italian ceramic industry that were exhibited at the international ceramic and bathroom furnishing fair held in September - have now been presented. One of the award winners was Rotfil, which took part in Cersaie with its HoM brand, a ‘sintered tile’ that developed out of close collaboration with Sacmi Team, the special Sacmi Division that designed, built and supplied them with an innovative plant for the production of decidedly high-tech technical ceramic.

The main characteristic of the tile is that it is ‘assembled’ with an internal electrical element. Developed exclusively by Team, this technology makes use of a double pressing process to incorporate elements that allow a build-up of heat. Offering outstanding insulation and moisture resistance, the sintered tile is nothing less than a bathroom furnishing revolution, and aims to set a new standard both economically (as an advantageous alternative to the natural stone radiators already on the market) and, and above all, in terms of the enhanced creativity and flexibility it gives designers in terms of the reduction in size, weight and shape of the heating solutions.

The commission (made of key figures from ADI, specialised journalists and designers) that assigned the award explained its decision as follows: “A project with dual advantages, in terms of both materials and surface, that, by making the ceramic a heating element, opens a broad field of application that is already showing its potential”. This important acknowledgement will ensure Rotfil – together with the other six companies that stood out from among the over 900 exhibitors at the fair – will, with the HoM brand, be part of the prestigious ADI Design Index 2015, a digest of the very best Italian design solutions selected by the permanent Design Observatory, a working group of over 150 experts active throughout the country.

This is, of course, also a great result for Sacmi Team – the Division established in 2007 by combining the skills of Laeis GmbH, Sama Maschinenbau GmbH, Riedhammer GmbH, Alpha Ceramics GmbH and Sacmi Imola S.C. – and lays the foundations for a long-lasting partnership with the biggest European manufacturer of electrical heating elements. The plant supplied to Rotfil for the HoM line was, in fact, designed to allow for an easy upgrade to double the output, a clear sign of a mutual willingness to invest in the potential of a technology that has already attracted the attention of leading ceramic and bathroom furnishing designers from both Italy and all over the world.

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