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A fusion of architecture, art and design in a tile

The Sacmi “Tile de Sign Collection” exhibition opens at Tecnargilla

Internationally renowned artists, designers and architects have been specially invited to present a design, which will be used to create an experimental ceramic surface. The outstanding prototypes will feature in the “Tile de Sign Collection” exhibition organised by Sacmi and the architect Laura Villani, to be held in Rimini from 28th September to 2nd October as part of Tecnargilla, the  international exhibition dedicated to the world of ceramics.

The exhibition includes both creations affecting the ceramic surface only and complete designs experimenting  the new applications of “Continua”, the innovating Sacmi’s technology, whose boundaries are yet to be fully explored, which allows actual pieces to be inserted into the ceramic body and enables the decoration to be used throughout the tile and not just on the surface layer. This technology opens up a multitude of decorative options, which can be adapted to the creativity and personal viewpoint of each artist. It also projects the age-old art of ceramics into the future, since it combines the opportunity to apply “total” decoration to the product, while guaranteeing high production rates. 

The invited artists include Walter Cascio, who traces the geometric lines of a closed, labyrinthine space, an infinite space that is balanced by rhythmic repetition. There is also the painter and writer Tehmina Durrani, the designer Nathalie Kehrli and the artist Davide Nido who uses a minimalist outline to create colourful images using glue fired onto the canvas. From Nido to Jorge Castillo, the Spanish artist whose works feature both abstract and figurative aspects and elements from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. There are other contributors such as the popular designer Alessandro Mendini, the Sardinian artist Carla Mura, who provides a contemporary view of themes connected to her homeland, and the ceramic artist Elisa Grillini, who treats ceramic material like a canvas, with textural effects and warm, evocative colours. Finally, the influential Indian designer Satyendra Pakhalé with his universal message, the Egyptian Karim Rashid, who works in the fileds of design, fashion and art, and Dani Vescovi, who transforms details from the plant world into the central bodies of a surreal universe.

The event’s curator, Laura Villani, explains: “It is a collection of ceramic pieces that can attract the attention of collectors and interior designers. Ceramics that can at the same time be a work of art, a piece of design, a decorative feature, an architectural element and the link between each of these artistic spheres”. The exhibition is also significant for the different cultural and geographic origins of the artists, whose biographies and original studies are displayed alongside their final works, in a special section with a striking backdrop.



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