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Al Anwar Ceramics: upwards and onwards with Sacmi

New production line started up in April

Founded in 1998, the Al Anwar Ceramic Tiles Company is the Sultanate of Oman’s leading tile manufacturer; it has a skilled management team, has enjoyed mutually rewarding business relations with Sacmi for over ten years and is rapidly becoming a regional superpower in terms of both quality and competitiveness. All this is clearly demonstrated in the latest Sacmi plant supplied to Al Anwar: expected to boost double-fire floor and wall tile output by another 14,000 m2/day, this plant brings the company’s total output capacity to around 20 million m2/year.

Started up in April and soon in production, this fifth Made-in-Sacmi line is, in terms of both process and philosophy, similar to its predecessors but features even higher productivity. The line, in fact, consists of two 2000-ton PH2090 presses, which operate in unison to make red bodies for high-end wall tiles. Equipped with innovative product and pressing homogeneity control systems, the presses feed a compact horizontal 5-layer drier that is designed to save energy; 16.8 metres long, the drier also features a 2850 mm wide infeed to maximise output capacity. Efficient heat circulation through the layers ensures perfectly even drying. The load is then transferred to an ultra-modern 2-channel, 144.9 m long, 2850 mm wide FBN kiln for biscuit/vitrified materials that, thanks to ultra-modern energy saving systems, drastically reduces gas consumption while ensuring optimal product quality. The kiln, in fact, ensures excellent results by bringing together all the most cutting-edge technical solutions to be developed by the Sacmi Group: control of heat flows, perfect de-airing of the body, highly advanced glaze control during firing and product flatness control result in a percentage of first class products that is decidedly at the high end of the industry.

Thanks to this latest installation, Al Anwar and Sacmi have strengthened their successful partnership even further, making this Oman-based company more than ready to face the new challenges of an ever-more demanding market.


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