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Casting modules: a perfect partner for Betta Sanitaryware

After 10 years of partnership Betta-Sacmi, Sacmi has now 115 machines installed in 12 countries

A stunning 115 machines operating in 12 countries on five continents. These simple figures illustrate the strength of the partnership between Sacmi and South African giant Betta Sanitaryware. For ten years now this outstanding industrial partnership has produced a steady increase in the Group’s productivity.

The last few weeks have seen the partnership go from strength to strength with the purchase and start-up of an AVM machine for the high pressure casting of WC bowls using porous resin moulds. This cutting-edge machine provides outstanding flexibility thanks to the wide range of configurations and the specifications of the casting module. Among other things, it also allows pre-drying of pieces in an air-conditioned, hyper ventilated environment and loading of the dryer bar trucks; the modules themselves also allow automatic green finishing of the piece and, in the configuration in which each casting module is associated with a robot, it is even possible to proceed with piece finishing in fully automatic mode.

These distinctive features recall the first AVM prototype that Sacmi supplied to Betta Sanitaryware a good 10 years ago: it was the first step on the road to a successful partnership in which the Sacmi Group has supplied no less than 13 four-mould AVE 040 units for open and stick-on rim bowls, 7 multi-mould ALS 150 units for washbasins, pedestals, tanks and lids and 1 multi-mould AOM 150 module for large or one-piece WC bowls with stick-on rims. Then, of course, there are the 5 multi-mould AVM 150 modules for stick-on rim WC bowls.

Suitable for the production of all WC types, the AVM 150 casts a mould that is divided into a number of elements ranging from 4 (simple open-rim WC) to 7 (closed-rim floor-mounted WC). The key advantage of this technology is that the rim is glued on while the piece is still held in the mould. What also makes the difference is the service robot, to which Sacmi’s designers have paid careful attention during the development of the latest AVM models. In the end it was decided to design flexible robots that can, according to the customer’s need for automation, be limited to glue spreading and de-moulding or also manage maturation of the pieces in static storage facilities.

To make this huge variety of configurations possible the AVM 150 has been equipped with advanced yet very user-friendly control software, while the ceramic supports have been redesigned to allow enormous flexibility with respect to the product being manufactured. That’s why Betta continues to choose Sacmi and the high pressure casting technology that - thanks to Sacmi’s continuous technological and design innovation - has proved itself suitable for the production of even very large, complex models.


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